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I took the night off from poker last night. I was running late, had to move some gaming consoles around in my house, and I was just too tired. I'm going to pop on to Full Tilt and Stars tonight for a little PLO, hold'em, and O8 if I'm feeling frisky. Hopefully a little change of pace and playing hold'em will help to snap me out of my downward spiral and start boosting up my bankroll again.

I'm glad I play with at least 100 buy-ins at any game I play. Stakes and money are meaningless and it gives me a chance to work on my game without putting my poker-life at risk.

Still, I sometimes wonder how nice it would be to take a seat at a $600 NLHE table and just go for broke...

...not tonight though. Tonight, I grind the micro-stakes...


The Poker Meister said...

No doubt; it must be nice to have 100 buy ins at the levels you play... I'm usually around 50 - when I get beyond, if I feel ready, it's time to move up. Anyway, how's the Take 2 promo going? Does your night off impact the $50 bonus at the end of the 25 days?

Klopzi said...

Meister -

I used to judge my readiness to tackle games based solely on the size of my bankroll. That's no longer the case for me. A couple of years ago, I used to consider 20 buy-ins enough. I think that 50 buy-ins is more than enough for any game; however, confidence and skill (backed by solid winning results) are the most important criteria for selecting games.

As for Take 2, 17 days down, 8 more to go. It's pretty easy to muster up 10-15 minutes a day. I've found that it only takes 6 minutes or less of 2-tabling Omaha/8 to clear the 1 FTP needed.

pkessler1 said...

I've been reading your blog the last day or two starting way back from the beginning and reading the poker related posts specifically.

I found your comment about what it would feel like to take part of your bankroll to a $600 table and play it a bit ironic! The reason I found your blog was because I was hoping to find someone who had started out at the lower limits of PLO since I just donked off about 90% of my bankroll a week ago playing drunken $100 SNG's on Stars and $400 NL on Player's Only!

So although it might sound fun to go for broke when you lose your bankroll it really, really sucks!

I will be following along to see how you do advancing to higher limits as I try to do the same. I may start my own blog to document my ups and downs as I try to rebuild my bankroll.

I've enjoyed the blog and see a lot of the same challenges with moving up in stakes with my own efforts. I think I've read too many NLHE is unbeatable posts as well and am not sure they are correct. I guess we'll see since I'm hoping to play NLHE and PLO to get myself back on track!

Klopzi said...

pkessler -

For all the times that I talk about taking my bankroll to a higher-stake game and gambling, it never happens. I'm really not a gambler at heart. That's probably why I have certain difficulty beating aggressive NLHE or PLO games.

If there's one thing I've found over the years, taking your time to work on your game while at the low limits is key. The truth is that very few of us will ever make substantial money from poker.

It's best to approach poker like a game. At the same time, you need to take it seriously as well if you'd like to get the most fun out of poker. And, of course, bankroll management is key. Back when I started playing, 20 buy-ins was sufficient to play any pot-limit or no-limit games. Nowadays, you're looking at minimum of 50 buy-ins for recreational play.

I hope you enjoy the site. I'll keep writing though I wouldn't count on seeing me ever progress to any meaningful stakes. I think I've given up on that happening in the foreseeable future save for a sudden necessary career shift.