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Bonuses Make Me Happy

I was going to put up a "month in review" post today. But then some new appliances showed up at my door, things got busy, and...well, you know? I'll see if I can re-cap my up-and-down month of August tomorrow. I can tell you that August finished well when compared to the rest of the month. I can only thank Titan Poker and Party Poker for the free bonus money and their juicy $25 PLO tables.

The $25 games are not the biggest games around. Then again, I'm not a great PLO player by any stretch of the imagination. Ego aside, I was happy to sit down at a game where I was staked with bonus money and playing against other clueless PLO players.

The end result saw me double up once at Titan and once again at Party. What did I do right? Patience was key. I forgot all the lessons that Jeff Hwang had taught me in his latest book. But that was probably for the best given that my opponents were likely not willing to fold anything at any time and SPRs were awkward. Time and again I saw my opponents make hero calls with top pair or bottom two-pair. I wasn't about to run start up the fabled "betting machine" against these types of opponents. Instead, I decided to see some flops in position and try to hit some hands.

In the end, it worked out. I got lucky to hit when I needed to; that's the way it goes sometimes. I hope to get lucky again tonight when I return to Party and Titan to play a little more with my free money. I don't expect much since bonus money seems to be "easy come, easy go" for me.

I'll also pop by Full Tilt for a little while. The Take 2 promotion is on and it's pretty sweet for the micro-limit monkeys like me. Log in, play at a couple tables for 5-10 minutes, then log off. Rinse, lather, and repeat at least 25 times in the next 30 days and Full Tilt will deposit a bonus $50 into my account!

I may even pop by PokerStars later tonight if I bust out at both Titan and Party a little too early. I've got my eye on an exorbitant pair of noise- canceling headphones. A $250 FutureShop gift card, available from the PokerStars FPP store for a scant 15,000 points, could go a long way to seeing me secure this selfish and completely unnecessary item.

Have a good one!

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