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AAxx no good?

After getting my 10 minutes of play in at Full Tilt last night, I was a little puzzled and somewhat disappointed with one hand in particular. I'd gotten all the money in pre-flop against a 40 BB shorty. I had A A 7 4 (rainbow) and he held A A Q J. Sure - he had a great PLO hand (better had it been double-suited) but I couldn't have been that far behind, right?

It ends up that I was slightly better than a 3:2 dog in the hand. But hey, whaddya gonna do? Who knew that the BB in this hand would happen to hit the jackpot? Mind you, it was only a 57/43 "jackpot" which doesn't seem all that fair to my opponent. I was just glad he was only 40 BB deep.

In any case, the flop came down 8 5 4 (rainbow) giving me a draw to trips, two pair, and a straight. My equity jumped up to about to better than 2:1 in my favour. I'd confirm the numbers but I don't have an equity calculator at my disposal.

The turn brought the 4 giving me trips but giving the Villain a flush draw. I was a 7:1 favourite to take down the pot.

And the river gave my opponent the flush. The best hand held up in the end. Hey - that's poker, right?

But then I asked myself: have I ever won with AAxx when getting it all-in pre-flop against another AAxx hand? Not yet. I'm 0 for 9 so far in about 8,000 hands. In the long run, this stat doesn't really matter. It should all even out in the long run. But I'd still like to win one, preferably before the end of this month and preferably when I'm 200 BB deep holding AAKK (ds) or AAJT (ds). I'm down about $60 since the start of the month and would like to win back a little bit before I finish clearing the $50 Take 2 bonus at Full Tilt (a.k.a. the site that keeps offering too many great deals thus preventing me from playing elsewhere).

On a bright note, I successfully bluffed someone off a pot at $25 PLO! He must have mis-clicked!

The adventure continues tonight. Have a good one!

NOTE: I updated some of the hand details in this post based on some comments that I got from a friend of mine. I guess he was paying better attention to the hand than I was at the time. Hand equities are unchanged - I got those numbers straight from Poker Tracker Omaha.


Memphis MOJO said...

"He must have mis-clicked!"

Haha, too funny.

WillWonka said...

I'm not an Omaha player so I won't comment on that; but I will agree with you about FTP. They keep offering incentives to play there and it has worked for me.

Over $800 in bonues in the past couple of months is hard to beat.

Dave said...

Nothing makes me angrier when someone goes runner-runner to beat me. Although saying that its completely different in Omaha to Hold'Em. Because you have double the cards there are so many more options and combinations. Thus more people go to showdown.

Klopzi said...

Dave -

I've somehow managed to come to terms with getting rivered or losing to runner-runner. That's why I think I could do well in PLO. I just need to keep my spirits up and accept the variance.