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The Weekend Grind

I put in about one thousand hands over the weekend. For those keeping track, that's quite a lot for me. I'm very close to having completed 10K hands at the $50 NLHE tables. Unfortunately, my bankroll isn't quite up to snuff for the $100 NLHE tables. If I can manage to put together another 4-6 buyins, I'll be ready to start adding $100 tables to the mix. But for now, all I can do is keep playing.

I'm roughly 40% of the way through the Full Tilt "Biggest Bonus Ever". I figure I'll have the bonus cleared within two weeks time. My only hope now is that I'll clear the bonus and actually post a winning record. I was having a great weekend at the tables until yesterday afternoon. Why is it that my winning sessions are so small and my losing sessions so big?

I got slightly cold-decked yesterday. I got stacked for a full 100 BB stack twice over the course of my 45 minute session. My first stacking occurred when I raised my unknown opponent on the river: we both held trips and his were better. I also lost a stack when I flopped top two and shoved the turn only to have my opponent snap-call with his turned broadway straight. Yesterday's session was pretty brutal overall. Lots of check-raising and floating on the part of my opponents. I just wasn't getting the cards or the reads necessary to hold my own. Thankfully, I only dropped two buy-ins when all was said and done.

My overall game is feeling much better. I still make ridiculous mistakes but that's to be expected by a hobbyist such as myself. The point of playing the $50 games was to give myself a way to re-tool my game without busting my bankroll in the process. It's coming along nicely, I'd say, despite my piss poor showing at the tables over the past few months.

I'm going to try and play a little more this week than the last. If I can clear 400-500 hands a day, I'll have my bonus wrapped up and I'll be ready to move on to PokerStars. And if I can manage to string together some winning sessions, maybe I'll finally get back to those $100 buy-in games that I've missed over the past little while.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. See ya.


Memphis MOJO said...

My first stacking occurred when I raised my unknown opponent on the river: we both held trips.

First law of poker: When we both have a set, someone is gonna get stacked.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

True enough.

As harsh as poker seems, it's also a pretty fair game in the sense that "what goes around, comes around".

And I hope it's coming around soon...

Adam Burns said...

Just keep on playing and get yourself back up to those $100 games. I'm shooting for that myself but since I cashout alot to buy games/toys much like yourself, it takes longer then it should heh. Personally I'm in $50 NL for the past 2 months and crushed the game last month yet this month I'm at a 17 buy-in difference from EV to actual number over 20k hands. Poker is a pain sometimes, just need to keep playing through the tough times.