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A Lucky Loser

I don't use PokerTableRatings while playing poker anymore. Full Tilt seems to be ban-happy when it comes to that sort of thing. PokerStars isn't a big fan of data mining or player profiling. But I still use PTR to check up on my own stats from time to time. Although I didn't play very much over the weekend, my rating dropped to a 13 (out of a possible durrrr-tastic 100). That seems pretty low for someone who thinks about poker as much as I do, doesn't it?

Of course, PTR only cares about results and that is definitely one of my weak spots when it comes to poker. I'm currently a small winning player at PokerStars and a big loser at Full Tilt. I'd be surprised if there aren't a few players using PTR when deciding to sit down at a table where I happen to be playing. I'd like to think that they're in for a surprise but my results don't back me up on that claim.

If I look at my my all-in luck, I appear to be the luckiest mo-fo on the planet. Although I've never cracked AA with Big Slick, I've destroyed nearly every other possible hand when all-in pre-flop with AK on my side. However, I still think that I do get quite unlucky. For example, when you find yourself with top pair on the flop in a heads-up pot against a 70/50 maniac and an SPR (stack-to-pot ratio) of 4, you're getting all your money in and laughing all the way to the bank, right? If my past 20K hands are to believed, the answer would be no.

When I play poker, I run into the nuts. A lot. I get my money in bad. A lot. Does this affect my all-in luck in any way? Not really. If I stack off with 2% equity, you can't say that I was unlucky to lose the pot.

I'm not sure how to fix this problem. I don't know if I can. When I assign a range to my opponents, there are typically hands that have me crushed (primarily flopped sets, straights, and quads) and those hands that I crush (top pair with weak kickers or other random, donkey nonsense). How do I prevent my opponents from flopping the nuts? I can't. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't give my ego a little shot to the nuts every time I stack-off drawing to a runner-runner miracle.

For now, I'll keep playing. But I'm keeping track of all those times that my opponents get extremely lucky against me. I plan on getting my money back...with interest.

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