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I haven't written for a little while because, well, I've been losing. And no one wants to hear about a mediocre player losing money. Since I started clearing my Full Tilt bonus, I've won 7 sessions and lost 8 sessions. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Unfortunately, the winning sessions have been small and the losing sessions...well, let's just say that they're much more substantial.

I've likely been tilting a little too much while trying to regain my dwindling bankroll. I've been setting my target SPRs way too high and misreading my opponents' hand strengths. Even the most maniacal players seem unwilling to stack off in a big pot with less than TPTK. So it should come as no surprise that my hands like KQ and KJ are going down in flames in some of the 3-bet pots that I've been playing.

I'm pretty results-oriented. I know that. That's also why I can tilt so quickly and really begin to doubt my poker playing ability. Mind you, I've been break-even/losing for quite a while now so I'm starting to wonder how much of my perceived poor play is, in fact, actual poor play.

As I try to un-tilt myself, I've been playing some more video games - namely Prototype and Wheelman. I also picked up a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum. I'm pretty sure the Dark Knight should snap me out of my poker funk. Oh, and I picked up a few graphic novels as well: Batman: Year One, Batman: The Killing Joke, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I've always been interested in superheroes and graphic novels. It's a wonder that these three Batman graphic novels are the first I've ever bought in my life.

Anyway, I've got $25 of my bonus left to clear. Probably won't do it but I'll try to clear another $5 at the very least. From there, I'm moving over to Stars where I'm hoping for a change in my luck that might, in turn, help boost my confidence at the tables. I seem to play a much better game of poker when things are going my way - go figure.

If things don't go as planned, well, there's always a ton of graphic novels still left for me to read. I've always been interested in the Marvel Zombies series...


SirFWALGMan said...

Everyone wants to hear about mediocre players losing money.. fuck man I have made a career of it.

WillWonka said...

Don't give up. Based on your comments from my blog, you know what you are doing and just running through a bad stretch.

Klopzi said...

Waffles -

I like reading about train wrecks as much as the next guy. I just don't lose enough money to make it interesting. I like reading about guys blowing their last $2K in an online $5/$10 game. But who wants to read about me whining that I dropped $50? I don't understand why I can tilt so hard after losing such a small amount of money...

Klopzi said...

Will -

Not giving up. Still have my Stars bonus to work through. And I'm going to become a winning player at $50 NLHE even if it kills me. I'm just a little disheartened because I honestly believed I was a better poker player. Who said "heaters" were all good?

SirFWALGMan said...

Losing is losing.. you can lose a penny and it can piss you off. Poker has never really been about the money for me it has been about outplaying my opponent and having that cause me to win. All the retards getting lucky tilts the fuck out of me.

kurokitty said...

I think you should take a break from poker, like a week. Forget about chasing bonuses for right now.

NL$.25/.50, especially on Full Tilt, is a very literal game. You may want to re-examine your fundamentals. When I read "KQ and KJ" and "3-bet" without knowing more details, it makes me question your fundamental play.

While there's a lot of good videos out there especially at micro limits, I find the newer ones tend to deviate from fundamental play. You might want to go back to the basics, like Taylor Caby's old videos and refresh yourself on the basic steps of the CR offense.

It's ok to be frustrated when you lose and you have to know that many sessions as you've noted won't be winning ones. But you have to find a way to get through the down times and lose the minimum when it seems things aren't going your way. This is what the best players will do.

So, take a break. Try not to focus too much on clearing a bonus too quickly because this may take you away from proper table selection, which is crucial.

If you're not winning at the tables, you have to focus on your play/results and not clearing bonuses because if there is a sieve in your play, the bonus money will eventually just leak over to the beter players.

You have to find a way around your tilt, and again the easiest way is to take a break. When you tilt you're making it twice as easy for the legions of regular, winning players who snap up easy money from losing players and now players such as yourself.

The only way you'll become proficient at playing poker is by playing thousands of hands and spending long hours at the table. The best players online do this all the time.

Life is about choices -- it's ok to budget time for all of your pursuits -- family, video games and poker -- but you just have to realize the people who over time will be getting the best of you will be spending way more time at the tables.

Klopzi said...

Waffles -

I feel the same way, I guess. I hate losing - especially to online poker players.

What makes things worse, in my mind, is that these players don't usually suck out on me. When I get my money in ahead, I normally get the cash. My biggest problem is dealing with all those times that I get my money in bad.

Having my opponents type "LOL" or "nh" after they stack me really tilts me.

Poker's hard...

Klopzi said...

Kurokitty -

All sound advice, for sure. Taking a week off (or at least 3-4 nights) is my typical response to "losing streaks".

In terms of playing a more "literal" game at the $50 tables, this is definitely one of the biggest flaws in my game. I don't seem to have that ability to play ABC poker anymore. The books and videos that I watch all focus on $200 NLHE or higher. I guess much of that stuff doesn't apply to the general opposition at the $50 tables.

I guess when you're obsessed with rules as I am, it's much harder to change up my game on a player-to-player basis. Hopefully that'll come in time but who knows?