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The Long Haul

Another session at Full Tilt put little dent in my bankroll. Nothing I can't handle but still a little annoying. I find myself making frequent costly mistakes and that's why I'm still playing the $50 games. If I can shore up three major leaks that I've identified and if I can get my bankroll back to an acceptable level, I'll start to introduce some $100 tables into the mix.

I took advantage of the most recent WCOOP PokerStars reload bonus. I'd first deposited $600 for the full $300 bonus. But on hindsight, my eyes may have been bigger than my stomach, so to speak. I contacted Stars support and they were able to help me out by reducing my bonus to a $100 bonus requiring 2500 VPP to clear. I guess my first reload bonus works out to a 16.7% reload bonus up to $100! I still prefer that to the alternative of playing poker for six months only to realize that the 7500 VPP clear rate for the full $300 bonus is well out of reach. You've really got to hand it to PokerStars customer support for helping out their customers whenever possible. I guess when you're the most successful online poker room, you can afford to treat your customers nicely.

If I can clear my $100 bonus within 90 days, I'll figure out how much more I can clear during the last 90 days of the WCOOP bonus period. I can make up to two more deposits to have an extra $200 credited ($400 in deposits) to my bonus account.

If I can clear SilverStar status each month for the next six months, I'll likely be able to go for the full $300 bonus. That being said, I figure it takes me about 20-25 hours of poker every month to get my SilverStar VIP status and I haven't played anywhere near that amount this year. Even if I can clear 5000 VPPs over a six month period, I'll earn myself a $200 bonus and enough FPPs to buy myself some more PokerStars clothing. I guess I could also put the points towards more gift certificates but I'd really like to buy some unnecessary Stars memorabilia.

Right now, I plan on finishing up my Full Tilt bonus. I've got another $75 to clear which should take me another 2-3 weeks given the amount of poker that I've started playing recently. In that time, I hope to improve my NLHE game to the point that I'm ready for the $100 games at Stars. I also anticipate giving PLO a serious shot in September. I may drop down to the $25 games for 7K-8K hands just to get used to the 6-max games and put my Advanced PLO knowledge to the test.

If there's one thing that I'm coming to realize about poker it's that I'm in this for the long haul. Sure, the games are getting tougher. And maybe Internet poker will disappear entirely once U.S. politicians figure out a way to screw over the global poker-playing community. And maybe playing Scrabble for money will become the next big thing.

One thing I know for certain? I'm not going anywhere until my bankroll hits $0 or the desire to see my next hand goes away forever.


Memphis MOJO said...

And maybe playing Scrabble for money will become the next big thing.

I think tiddlywinks is the next hot item. But they'll screw that one up, too.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

I'm actually a kick-ass Tiddlywinks player. At least, I was when I was 7 years old!

I can taste the money now...