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A Few Knights Off

I didn't play any poker last night. In fact, I'm only planning on playing one more session this month. I think I'll concentrate my efforts on stringing together 300-500 well-played hands tomorrow night.

Friday nights at Full Tilt seem to be one of the best nights in terms of encountering 70%+ VP$IP players. If I can somehow manage to play some simple ABC poker, I might be able to finish the month on a winning note. If not, my bankroll can handle another couple years of this before I need to call it quits on poker. (If you'd like to help out and make that three years, please sign-up for some rakeback deals at RakeTheRake.)

Would you like to know what I've been doing away from the tables? Just follow this link. Seriously - Batman is pretty awesome! I'm not sure how well Batman can un-tilt me after a bad session. I may find out tomorrow night.

Have a good one!

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