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Decisions, decisions....

I didn't play much poker over the weekend. I actually get less time for poker on Saturdays and Sundays than I do on weekdays. Well, to be fair, I could play more on Sundays but that's my day to get up with the kids. And playing with kids - especially boys - for hours on end tires me out pretty quickly.

Thankfully, the couple hours of poker that I played over the weekend were pretty good. I managed to win back a some of my losses which is always nice. I got my money in really well in one hand and lost (AA vs. KK). I also got my money in on the flop drawing pretty slim but managed to pull off an eleven-outer on the river (Q♠9♣ vs. A♥ Q♣). Once again, I got trapped by a short-stacked player hitting TPTK in a big pot (FLOP: Q♠ T♠ 3♦ TURN: J♥). Not my finest hour but I was rewarded nonetheless.

I was going to move on to PokerStars after having finished my bonus-whoring at Full Tilt. But it looks like Full Tilt may be having another "Take 2" promo. Decisions, decisions. In the end, I'm guessing I'll spread myself very thin, lose a bunch of money, and go on crazy tilt.

But tonight, I think I might play a little micro-stakes PLO at Titan Poker and Party Poker. Both of these sites have given me some cash to use at their tables. Free money is always a nice little present and it couldn't have come at a better time. I need a stress-free night of poker where the only money I can lose wasn't mine to begin with!

Have a good one!

PS: You'll notice a bit of a Batman theme around here as I continue to work my way through Batman: Arkham Asylum (a.k.a. the greatest superhero game ever made, according to Guinness). I can't help myself - the game is amazing!


The Poker Meister said...


It looks like the Take 2 promo only requires 2 tabling (or more) for 25 days out of the 30 days in September, where you receive 1 FPP for doing so. Therefore, you can cash out of Tilt, but leave about $20 so you can post 1 orbit of 2 tables of .1/.25. The total is $.70 / day (for 2 blinds on an orbit) * 25 days = $17.50, assuming you fold every hand. You make $50.00 for the $17.50 effort.

Klopzi said...

Meister -

It is a pretty sweet deal. I'll definitely be putting in a bit of time at FTP this month.