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Afternoon Cinema

I had no chance to play poker last night. Actually, I had the choice but decided to spend time with my wife instead. I guess I'll never be considered a degenerate gambler any time soon. But speaking of degenerate gamblers, have all of you had a chance to watch the (mostly) online poker documentary embedded after the jump?

The following documentary is called From Busto to Robusto: Captain Zeebo. The documentary presents a close look at the rise (and fall?) of a hugely successful Internet poker player. I have to admit that watching this video really makes me want to focus on online poker and try to make a name for myself. Perhaps I've missed the point of the documentary...?

I will admit that the thought of staying in my house for weeks on end sounds absolutely delightful! I'd just get rich playing poker and get fatter eating nothing but brownies, Crunchie Munchie Mix, and the left-overs from my kids dinner plates. I wonder how cool my wife would be with that...

Enjoy the show!

Yep - I'm definitely playing poker tonight. I'll aim for 500 hands, give or take a couple hundred depending on how well or poorly things go.

Have a good one!


WillWonka said...

Yep, I watched it a little while back and it was very interesting. I hear they are doing another one soon with somebody else.

I'm also looking forward to the 2 Months, 2 Million starting this Sunday on the G4 network here in the states. It follows 4 guys trying to make 2 million bucks in 2 months.

Dave said...

Thanks for the link - I hope to watch it later today. Speaking of movies about poker players - did you happen to see the movie about Stuey Ungar?

Klopzi said...

Will -

I'm looking forward to the show as well. I just hope the focus is on poker as opposed to Vegas. For all the work I do to show that poker players can be normal, TV shows like to promote the degenerate gambler lifestyle of outrageous prop bets, booze, drugs, and sex.

I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed. Four nerds in Vegas with lots of money...It'll either be their finest hour or two months of shameful behaviour that will likely kill any chance I have of going to Vegas ever...

Klopzi said...

Dave -

I watched the Stu Ungar movie starring that guy from The Sopranos. It was ok but not something that I'd recommend to anyone.

Come to think of it, I don't watch many poker-related movies. Other than Rounders, I can't think of a single good one out there.