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WSOP Main Event Live Updates at Bodog!

With the World Series of Poker Main Event well underway, it's getting close to the time that I'll be looking for live updates from this year's Big One. I remember following Foucault and Iggy as they climbed the leaderboards last year. I was surprised at how exciting it was to follow and cheer for someone making a deep run in such a huge event. I guess I'm not immune to the "reality TV" mentality that seems to have permeated society over the past eight or nine years.

If you're looking for some great 2009 WSOP Main Event Live Updates, check out Bodog. Even though I can't play poker at Bodog (one of the very few downsides of being Canadian), it's nice to see that Bodog is still able to give me a reason to visit their site. Bodog is reporting back from this year's WSOP Main Event with live Twitter updates, blog posts, videos, and photos. It's about as close as I'll get to Vegas this year and it's completely free! Throw in live updates from Bodog pros such as J.R. Bellande and Justin Bonomo and you're bound to find something you like.

And if you happen to be a non-Canadian online poker player, I highly recommend signing up to play at Bodog if you're able to tear yourself away from the constant Main Event updates. Seriously - Bodog Poker has a ton of great promotions. The biggest sellers for me as a poker player are Bodog's incredible monthly reload bonus and the quality of play at Bodog. Did you know that Bodog has a monthly reload bonus of 100% up to $500? That's a neat trick in this post-UIGEA world of online poker. More importantly, I'm sure you heard that the average Bodog poker player tends to be much weaker than players that you might encounter at other sites. I don't mean this as a slight to Bodog players...but it's true, right?

If I could sign up at Bodog, I'd be playing there right now instead of writing this post. I could always use an extra $500 a month and the chance to play against opponents who know less than I do about the great game of poker. I guess I'll settle for Bodog's 2009 WSOP Main Event Live Updates since I don't plan on changing my citizenship any time soon.

One last thing note before I finish up. I wanted to mention that Bodog is also running the 2009 Bodog Mini Poker Series. This series of thirteen $10 + $1 tournaments could see you win your way to a free seat ($12,000 WSOP package) to the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event. Once again, I'd give this mini poker series a shot myself but I'm too big a sucker for poutine, parkas, and maple syrup.

Enjoy following the rest of the WSOP Main Event at Bodog and good luck at the tables!


Memphis MOJO said...

I was surprised at how exciting it was to follow and cheer for someone making a deep run in such a huge event.

I think when you know and cheer for one or two of the players, it makes you feel you're somehow more a part of it.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

It definitely makes it feel more "real" to those of us who will never play a WSOP event.

I haven't been able to follow the WSOP as closely this year as I have in the past. One thing that really kills the experience for me is knowing that I won't be able to see any WSOP until late this year or next year due to broadcasting rights in Canada.