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I sent an e-mail to PokerStars support yesterday asking about customs and shipping charges on purchases from the Stars FPP Store. I'd been burned with a fairly high customs charge on some books I'd ordered a couple years ago and I was not about to get dinged again. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that PokerStars has since opened a warehouse in Canada to handle all FPP Store purchases. No customs charges, no shipping charges, and no surprises!

The first thing I did upon reading the news was order a quarter-zip fleece from the FPP store. I've been looking for a spring/fall jacket and I like the PokerStars branding. I have a windbreaker-type thing right now but it's looks like something an old man would wear, if my wife is to believed.

As for my FutureShop gift certificate, I'll be sure to earn my Silver Star VIP status in August. I'll have enough FPPs to order my $250 gift with points left over to pick up a PokerStars shirt or a couple of stuffed animals for my kids. I love rakeback but it's nice to get schwag from time to time. And the fact that PokerStars' $50 NLHE games seem quite a bit easier than Full Tilt's is all the justification I need for the time being.

I ended up playing a short session last night at Stars. I found that my concentration was starting to slip after I played a couple of hands badly and decided to call it a night. There are a couple points that I really need to work on:

  1. When playing against bad players, there's more value in waiting for a great situation rather than flipping for stacks with a marginal hand.

  2. Don't overestimate steal equity; don't underestimate showdown equity.
I ended up losing $30 with a drawing hand against an opponent who would have given me his chips had I just waited a few hands. But there's only one way to learn and that's to do. I lost the hand, lost some money, and will try to do better next time.

Thankfully, I got lucky to get all-in pre-flop with my AA versus a weak/tight player's KK. The same situation happened when I played last Friday night but things didn't turn out well: the community cards put a straight on the board and we split the pot. Last night's hand ended a little more definitively: I flopped a set and Villain was drawing dead to running Kings.

On the PLO front, both of the books I ordered - Advanced PLO: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play and Secrets of Short-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha - are delayed. I guess Amazon's Canadian warehouse is having difficulties stocking these two books. No worries on my part: I'm happy playing NLHE for the time being.

In other news, I also ordered a couple items to better help me dominate the online poker world without causing further carpal tunnel damage. I picked up a numeric keypad and a trackball mouse. I'm assuming that I'll cause less irritation to my wrist if I use these two items while playing online poker. We'll see how well things work out in the coming months assuming I can actually get past the learning curve of using a trackball mouse.

Have a good one!


Memphis MOJO said...

but it's looks like something an old man would wear, if my wife is to believed.

Listen to her. You'll thank me later.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

I wouldn't have made it as long as I have had I not listened to my wife whenever possible.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Hwang's new one is terrific.

Klopzi said...

Shamus -

I'm really looking forward to reading it - especially given the fact that there are many more short-handed PLO games than full ring. I just wish we could get a copy up here in Canada. I was supposed to get my copy a while back but the shipment keeps getting delayed.

But thanks for giving me the lowdown on Hwang's book. I wasn't too worried though, to be honest, given the quality of his first book.

Thanks for stopping by Shamus!