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My Summer Vacation

Tonight is the last night of my vacation. Actually, my vacation really ended last night but I had a stay of execution when my wife suddenly fell ill. I had to take an additional day off work. It gave me the chance to see my kids a little more and play a bit more poker.

My mini-vacation was a busy one and not that exciting when compared to most peoples' vacations. I drank a bunch, ate a bunch, watched some movies with my wife, played with my kids, and played poker.

I really enjoyed the past five days in terms of the food I ate. Lots of meat, a whole bunch of Swiss cheese, some spinach dip, and one of the best chicken stir-frys I'd ever tasted in my life. My wife has really nailed my "eccentric" palate and she's now kicking up all of her dishes to plateaus I never thought possible. Unbelievably good food for me though my doctor might tell me to calm down a little on the "stuffing-my-face" diet that I've followed since last Tuesday.

As for poker, my recent re-focus on no-limit hold'em has been interesting. I've been forcing myself to play out of my comfort zone in terms of aggression. I'm still playing pretty tight out of position. But in the cut-off and on the button, I'm trying to play somewhat LAG. Lots of 3-betting with some light 4-betting and pre-flop shoves to keep my opponents uncomfortable. It seems to be working so far. Then again, my all-in luck is pretty ridiculous.

I'd like to get my bankroll up before I take a shot at the $100 NLHE games again. If I continue to focus on changing my style of play, I'd like to have a bit more leeway in terms of the swings that my bankroll can handle. I think that I'll be well-equipped to handle the $100 games with 10 buy-in cushion above and beyond what I have now. It may take me a little while to put together that kind of scratch but I don't mind putting in the time if it means that my game will improve. Of course, I may start taking shots here and there depending on my day-to-day level of confidence in my NLHE game.

It's bedtime for me. I'll be back tomorrow or the day after. I may even have a video posted by that time. I've worked out many of the kinks in terms of video recording. I'm still not sure how to create videos that will work in Windows Media Player unless I'm willing to have file sizes in the 200-300 MB range per 60 minutes of video. But with a free DivX player, I can create a high quality hour-long video that comes in under 100 MB.

Have a good one!

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