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Variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to online poker, nothing could be more true. If you find yourself always playing the same sites against the same competition, maybe it's time to broaden your poker horizons. I find that one of the best ways to do this is to find yourself a nice poker room with some good bonuses and solid freerolls. And I just happen to have just such an online poker room for you: EuroPoker.

EuroPoker has a number of great features that help it appeal to players new to online poker. First and foremost, EuroPoker offers great poker strategy. There claim is that they'll have you ready and learned enough to play online poker within five minutes. Having looked at EuroPoker's eleven easy steps to playing online poker, five minutes could be all it could takes. Of course, it's one thing to beat the free poker games online versus the $1/$2 no-limit hold'em tables but I digress.

EuroPoker also offers its players a full schedule of poker tournaments. If you take a look at their tournament calendar, you'll see that EuroPoker offers a full tournament schedule that includes your standard hold'em tournaments as well as some Omaha tournaments and more. A little variety can go a long way to helping you get the most out of your poker hobby. This is definitely something that I've come to realize lately and highly recommend that online poker players broaden their horizons whenever possible.

And for those of you looking for great bonuses and overlay to your poker play, EuroPoker offers a number of interesting promotions including:

  • $49,000 cash added to their July tournaments
  • A 100% first-time deposit bonus up to $50
  • $5,000 in daily freerolls!
  • Free software, great new games, and more
If you're looking for a little variety in your online poker play, visit EuroPoker today!

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