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Winning Poker...?

Did I play poker over the weekend? Yes I did. But I spent a heck of a lot more time downloading videos from DeucesCracked. I've got a whole slew of videos to help me learn Omaha/8, PLO, Stud Hi, Stud/8, Triple Draw, and I even found one or two Badugi videos. Screw no-limit hold'em: I'm all about the mixed games now (until I change my mind).

But I'm starting slowly. I'm focusing on limit O/8 right now. As of my last session, I find myself down about 20 BB (or $40) over a 625 hand sample. I'd like to say it's not my fault but I'd probably be lying. I say "probably" because I'm not too sure. I've over-played a few overpair-type hands in heads-up pots when no low was possible and I've gotten burned every time. Other than that, I seem to be doing a whole lot of folding on the flop when I find myself without any made hands or solid draws.

I've also noticed that there are many more 6-max tables than full-ring tables for O/8. Full Tilt seems to have one or two 9-max tables when I sit down to play at 10:30 PM EST most nights. PokerStars, on the other hand, has about twice as many 10-max tables going. Until I'm more comfortable with O/8, I plan on sticking with the full-ring games. I'd like to play at Full Tilt but that's not always an option.

I plan on putting in some hands tonight. I'd like to scoop a couple pots to help me get back to even but I'd be happy with a bunch of half-pots. If I could just hit a few flops instead of flopping bad, I'd be a happy player.

Failing that, I'll take break-even play and some of the frozen yogurt in the freezer...or maybe a bacon-cheeseburger like the one in the picture above. Man, I'm hungry. Never blog before eating...

Have a good one!

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