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The juggling act between leading a well-balanced, extra-curricular life and focusing solely on poker will continue over the weekend. I'm really loving inFamous for my PS3 but I'm really enjoying learning and playing limit O8 too! Despite my new found game-crush on O8, I was a little dismayed by my session last night.

After failing to pick up a single decent hand in the first 20 minutes of my session, I started to push a little too hard. I stopped drawing to the nuts and started putting a little too much faith into my two-pair-no-low-draw hands. For the record, that's a recipe for disaster. Had I taken the cautious route and stuck to my nitty strategy, I would have come out ahead last night. I was awarded a 15 BB loss for my lack of patience; cost of learning, I guess.

I'm going to have a few drinks tonight, sit back, and play a little more LO8. I may put in a bit of time with inFamous if I start playing too poorly. I'm also going to spend a little time over the weekend re-organizing and re-labeling my downloaded poker videos. I'm close to having things just the way I like them but it will still take some time. I've downloaded a ton of O8, Stud Hi, Stud/8, Badugi, and other videos from DeucesCracked. I'll likely sign up with PokerSavvy next month and continue my education over there.

I really think that both DeucesCracked and PokerSavvy offer the most bang for your buck given their belief that DRM-free videos are of great use to their members. Frankly, the only thing that's stopped me from trying Cardrunners or Stoxpoker is their lack of DRM-free videos. I guess that works out well for PokerSavvy and DeucesCracked and it's worked out for me too! When you're as busy as I am, it's nice to spend my commute learning to play better poker and then taking my evenings to apply those lessons on the virtual felt.

I'd also like to post a sweat session video at some point (LO8, NLHE, LHE, Badugi?) but I've been lazy. I have the recording software installed but I haven't figured out the best video and audio codecs to use. I like producing AVI files since I find the picture quality to be miles ahead of any other format. But the videos are way too big. If any of my readers happen to know of some default codecs and recording settings to use (or if you happen to know a good site or forum post that has this information), please leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on Tuesday (long weekend FTW).


Memphis MOJO said...

Have a good weekend, GL at the virtual tables.

Klopzi said...

Thanks. You too Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I've not played infamous, but I've been busy wasting too many hours playing Red Faction: Guerilla

Highly recommended as a stress buster at the end of a poker shift!

Klopzi said...

Yorkshire -
If you've got the PS3, inFamous is the game to get.

You can read my full first impressions of the game on The Greedy Gamer.

It's one of the best games I've played in a while.