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A Weekend of Highs and Lows

I had a great Father's Day weekend save for two things: an unexpected illness and some horrific O8 play. Other than those two minor items, my weekend was a great success. My wife worked her ass off to make sure that I had all the right drinks, all the right food, and enough time to relax and rest up.

More about my weekend after the jump.

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way before going any further.

First off, I played some awful poker this weekend. I took a winning O8 strategy, threw it out the window, and tried to play tricky poker. How well does tricky play work at the $1/$2 Omaha Hi-Lo tables? Quite poorly. I lost sight of my one goal when playing playing O8 (i.e. winning money) and tried to outplay the bad players at the tables. This worked quite poorly as I found myself getting scooped and quartered by the solid players who were content to sit back and peddle the nuts. I'm in the process of re-focusing my efforts on solid play and hope to get back to my winning ways shortly.

As for my mystery illness, it hit me like a ton of bricks on Father's Day. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling dizzy. Imagine having bed spins while laying down or standing up and you'll understand how I felt. The entire world kept shifting and snapping back into place on me for a twelve hour period starting at 6 AM on Sunday morning and lasting until around 6 PM that night. I didn't throw up and had no other signs of sickness: all I had was a bad case of vertigo. The fact that the vertigo occurred without any other symptoms is a little odd. I'll definitely keep an eye out for any other strangeness.

And now for the great parts of my weekend:

  • Watched a couple movies with my wife.
  • Play a ton of Prototype on my PS3 (not a great game but not bad either)
  • Drank a bunch of Banana-flavoured alcoholic lemonade (quite good)
  • Had a fantastic Father's Day brunch that was still quite good despite the aforementioned vertigo. The meal consisted of a ton of bacon, some cajun-style homefries, and a maple-glazed sausage sandwich served on an "everything" bun with swiss cheese and ketchup.
  • I also had a tremendous Father's Day dinner last night (postponed from Sunday due to the vertigo) which included: a half-pound burger stuffed with blue cheese and topped with more blue cheese, bacon, and sweet-spicy mustard glazed caramelized vidalia onions; a warm German potato salad made with tons of bacon, new potatoes, bacon grease, olive oil, and beef broth; Skor bites to help cleanse the palate and deliver the necessary sweet finish to an incredible dinner.
All in all, it was a great few days for me despite losing money at the tables and a brief bout of illness.

My plans for the week are to continue fighting my way back to even at the $1/$2 Omaha 8 tables. I'm about 30-40 BBs down right now, I think. If I can rein in my urge to play aggressive poker and start making solid pre-flop and flop decisions, I should be able to break out my O8 funk over the next 5-10 sessions.

Have a great day!

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