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Father's Day Weekend!

I have two great kids. I put in the time, day after day, to show them that I love them and that I'd do anything for them. And for the next three days, I will bask in the love and praise of my family as they show me how much they appreciate it! Unlike Mother's Day, I don't need restaurants, chocolates, or flowers. Instead, my wife has planned a weekend of good food, drinks, and time to play poker and video games!

Festivities kick off tonight with some Omaha Hi-Lo at Full Tilt. I'm slowly digging my way out of the red and I hope that that trend continues this evening. Of course, I will be drinking so one never knows.

I also plan on picking up a copy of [PROTOTYPE], the newest superhero-style video game to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360. I find that these pick-up-and-play superhero sandbox games work really well at relieving the stresses of the workday and the poker tables.

But the main focus of the weekend, aside from spending time with my family, will be on poker. Heck, I might even play a little Badugi thanks to CK's Badugi 101 post. Then again, maybe I should continue to focus on dominating the O8 world before I set my sights on draw poker.

Happy Father's Day to all father's out there! I'll be back on Tuesday because it takes a long weekend to celebrate the greatness that is "Dad"!


Bonus: Here's a micro-stakes O8 hand I played last night. I tried to be fancy and still managed to scoop...

Poker Stars $1/$2 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - 10 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is CO with AA of hearts QQ of hearts 44 of hearts 44 of spades
UTG calls, 5 folds, Hero calls, BTN raises, 2 folds, UTG calls, Hero calls

Flop: (7.5 SB) 55 of diamonds QQ of spades 77 of hearts (3 players)
UTG checks, Hero bets, BTN calls, UTG calls

(I bet out hoping for the button to raise me and push UTG out of the pot.)

Turn: (5.25 BB) KK of diamonds (3 players)
UTG checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

(I think I'm supposed to bet here but I don't.)

River: (5.25 BB) KK of hearts (3 players)
UTG checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

(And when the top card pairs, I think a value bet and a fold to a raise has some merit. But I'm still learning and playing it safe until I get better at hand reading - which may be a useless skill at these low limits anyway.)

Final Pot: 5.25 BB
Hero shows AA of hearts QQ of hearts 44 of hearts 44 of spades (HI: two pair, Kings and Queens)
BTN mucks 22 of hearts 88 of clubs AA of clubs 66 of spades
UTG shows 33 of hearts 44 of clubs 22 of clubs 33 of spades (HI: two pair, Kings and Threes)
Hero wins 5 BB
(Rake: $0.50)


Memphis MOJO said...

Enjoy your special weekend!

BWoP said...

Thanks for the add. I've added you to my blogroll as well.

Klopzi said...

Memphis -

Thanks. I will!

Klopzi said...

CK -

Thanks very much. And thanks for starting that Badugi guide. Not much information out there about Badugi compared to some of the other non-hold'em games. I remember Chris Fargis talking about the game a couple years back but I was into hold'em a little too much to pay much attention.

Thanks again.