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Weekend Plans: Pay More Rake

Things are busy. It's a fact of life. But I've actually been playing poker. Not tons but just enough to keep me wanting more. I've played about 10 hours of $50 NL so far. And I'm down a little bit. That's cool though. If I was worried about making money, I'd make the move to $100 heads-up no-limit hold'em right now because the rake at the $50 tables is pretty sick.

Since my last post, I also played a bit of $0.50/$1 heads-up limit hold'em. I'm quite happy to announce that this particular micro-stakes heads-up game is unbeatable. I've played a couple hours of this game at Poker Stars. In that time, my win rate took a hit of about 10 BB/100 in rake charges. Is anyone good enough to beat limit hold'em for more than 10 BB/100? No. Throw in the sick amount of variance inherent to heads-up poker and it's easy to see that micro-stakes HU limit hold'em is a losing game.

It's a shame, really. I like the fast-paced action of heads-up limit. I easily averaged about 200 hands an hour. At the higher stakes, I'm sure that the games play much faster due to the large number of automatic decisions that can be made on any street.

With limit hold'em tucked away for the time being, I'm going to play some heads-up no-limit this weekend. The rake is still brutal but that's a cost I'm willing to pay for experience. I've got a friend coming over tonight. I'll likely have a couple drinks while playing some heads-up cash game poker then move on to heads-up sit-n-gos if I continue drinking.

Have a great weekend!

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