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Staying the Course

So I hit up the tables at Titan Poker and Cake Poker on Friday night for a little heads-up play. I was having a couple drinks to start out my evening. I figured I could have a couple beers and still put forth my very best C-game necessary to beat the $50 HU games. Of the hour and a half that I spent sitting at my laptop, I played roughly 57 minutes of poker. The rest of my time was spent watching Designer Guys on TV with my wife and drinking. Good times though!

I was having a good night and was up about half a buy-in. And then I found myself getting all-in pre-flop with QQ against a short-stacker's KK. A bit of a cold deck but that's poker, right? I never seem to complain when I find myself all-in pre-flop with AA or KK against an opponent's underpair.

In any case, my opponent seemed to feel bad for dishing out the "beat" so he stuck around for a little while and let me win back some of my money.

By the end of my three heads-up games, I was down about $30. A small price to pay for the amount of experience that I'm soaking up each and every minute that I play heads-up poker.

I've recently started wondering about trying out some other heads-up games. I know that heads-up fixed limit hold'em is very bot-able but I doubt I'd run into any bots at the stakes that I play. Despite the fact that I'm a slightly better no-limit hold'em player than a fixed limit hold'em player, I really like fixed limit poker. But I imagine that the limit heads-up games are probably tougher to beat since most fish would look to no-limit poker to make or break their puny bankrolls.

I'll stay the course for now and keep playing no-limit. I'll see if I can put in a good session tonight at Full Tilt Poker and Cake Poker. I've barely put a dent in the 40-50 hours of $50 HU play that I deem necessary before moving up to the $100 games.

Have a good one and wish me luck! And if you happen to be one of my U.S. readers, have a great Memorial Day you lucky bastards!

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