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Seeing The Forest

I really hate the rake that I pay at the $50 heads-up tables. Over the past 3,000 hands, I've lost 12 BB/100 to rake. Of course, I get about 27% of that back thanks to RakeTheRake.

I'm all about short-term results. I have difficulty working towards long-term goals. That's why I go on hiatus so often. That's why I tilt frequently. And that's why I tilt hard.

In my case, I couldn't see the profitability of $50 heads-up no-limit poker for the rake. I was sitting at a table earlier tonight and getting discouraged. My opponent was not making any huge mistakes and we were both losing to the rake. I was up about $10 against this particular opponent when I found myself needing to pee.

I let my opponent know that I was going to play for another five minutes before quitting. I then turned my focus to my current hand. And, well, here's what happened:

Villain (SB)($50.25)
Hero (BB) ($96.70)

Preflop: Hero is in the BB with Qh Qc
Villain raises to $1.50, Hero raises to $5.50, Villain shoves, Hero snap-calls.

Hero shows [Qh Qc]
Villain shows [Td 8h]

(I guess Villain wanted to get some of his money back before it left the table.)

Flop (102.75) 5d 4c 6h

Turn (102.75) Th

River (102.75) 6s

Hero wins $102.75 with Two pair, Queens and Sixes

I hope that this hand and similar recent hands motivate me to give HUNL more of a chance in the coming weeks. My plan is to put in another 40 hours (give or take) at $50 HUNL. If I can walk away with a non-negative BB/100, I'll be happy and ready for the $100 games.

I've got to see the forest instead of focusing on the trees.

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