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A Call For Humility

I had my brother over last night to watch me play some cash game heads-up no-limit. I was hoping to show off my mad skills but instead gave my brother a lesson in humility.

My first "match" was against a very loose calling station type prone to overbetting the pot for value or overbetting the pot with missed draws. I didn't make the correlation until he'd already doubled up a few times. It was pretty painful to watch as my loose opponent went on a heater and managed to win a staggering 85% of showdowns. Thankfully the 15% that I won were enough to take him and his stack out. Of course, Full Tilt Poker were the real winners since I still found myself down $6.50 after stacking my opponent.

My second match was a weird one. With my patience worn thin from my first match, I came out swinging against a half-stack fish. After about 10 hands, I found myself calling a pre-flop shove with AQ. I hit a pair on the flop to take down my opponent's 77. He reloaded and instantly shoved all-in from the button. I made a stupid mistake and called his shove with a small pocket pair: my 33 lost to his AJ.

We then sparred back and forth for another ten minutes. I managed to take a good chunk off my opponent with some aggressive three-betting.

All in all, I found myself up $3 after about 50 minutes of play; $7 if you count rakeback.

My brother was quite understandably unimpressed with the potential profitability of online poker...


WillWonka said...

I was listening to a podcast once and they spoke about HU matches in the micro to mid stakes and that it being great for the site and how it is hard to win longterm against the rake.

Are you seeing that as well. You kind of mentioned it in your post

Klopzi said...

Will -

Yes - it's most definitely true.

In a one hour period of play at $50 HUNL, I'm paying about $12 in rake over 200 hands.

So unless I can beat the game for 12 BB/100 or more, I'm losing money.

That's why I'm only looking at the $50 HUNL games as a training ground. Once I'm confident in my HU ability, I'll move up to $100. Rake will still be pretty bad at that limit but I should be able to show a profit with some solid play.