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Playin' Around

I try not to play poker when I'm sick. But after hacking my way through a boss in Silent Hill: Homecoming, I felt like hacking my way through a few micro-stake heads-up SNGs at Poker Stars.

I took down two of three tonight over the span of a short 35 minute session. The nice thing about heads-up SNGs is that they play very quickly with a definitive start and end. It's nice finishing up a match knowing that I'm a winner or a loser.

I've played 22 heads-up SNGs since last Friday. My result are pretty mediocre but I'm having fun. My results are as follow:

  • $2.20 HU SNG: 11 played, 7 won, +$3.80, 15.7% ROI
  • $5.25 HU SNG: 11 played, 6 won, +$2.25, 3.9% ROI
I've definitely been a little unlucky in the $5 heads-up games. But I'm making better decisions now and matching up a little better against the loose-passive and weak-tight opponents littering the $5 micro-stake tables.

I'm still planning on hitting up the HU cash game tables soon. However, I'm enjoying the light-hearted and stress-free nature of the HU SNGs. It helps me wind down from the nightmare world of Silent Hill. I may even give the $10 and $20 heads-up SNGs a try if I can put together a solid record at the $5 games.

All I can say for certain is that I'm having fun playing poker again. I never thought I could have so much fun making 88 cents an hour!

Have a good one!

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