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Let's keep this short and sweet: I've taken up heads-up no-limit hold'em yet again. I've been toying around with the micro and low stakes SNGs on Stars while I try to get my head in the game. I've been alright but not brilliantly. I'm 9 for 15 which slightly better than break even and not very good given the competition I'm up against. Unfortunately, much of the theory and many of the plays that I've learned from reading or video don't apply to these micro-stakes games.

The reason for this black-hole in HU NL theory is simple: all it takes is patience to beat the loose-passive players clogging the micro-stakes games. Bet your good hands for value, limit your bluffs to obvious spots (if at all), and avoid unnecessary coin-flip situations. I forgot this last point in a $5 HU SNG I played yesterday. I called my opponent's 10BB 3-bet shove with KJs. I was getting odds to call against my opponent's likely range of hands. However, I could have simply waited for a better spot to get my chips in.

I'm going to keep playing these puny HU SNGs for a few more days while I focus my offline study on heads-up no-limit hold'em. I'm also playing Silent Hill: Homecoming so I don't mind taking things slowly.

My plan is to start playing the $50 HU cash games by the weekend.

Have a good one!


WillWonka said...

good luck to you

Klopzi said...

Thanks Will. Good luck with your game as well.

joxum said...

The $20 HU is somewhat better, you may want to give it a go instead.

I used to play the $50 HU Sng's. They are a lot more fun, and you mostly get good opponents.

Good luck,

Klopzi said...

Joxum -

I'm in no rush to move up right now. However, my plan is still to start playing the $50 HU cash games soon. The level of play is usually terrible and I enjoy cash games more than SNGs.

That being said, I'm surprised at the level of play I've encountered so far in the HU SNGs. There have got to be better ways to throw away money.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Klopzi.

I'm currently trying to build a roll by playing HUSNG and then hopefully i will be able to play HU cash.

Have you read the book in the picture? I have just had it bought for my birthday and wondered if you had any thoughts on it

Klopzi said...

Hey Yorkshire,

I'm reading Moshman's book right now. It's pretty good so far. Coupling Moshman's ideas with some HU videos from one of the more popular training video sites should be enough to give you a good jump on the heads-up games.

Although no matter how much you read or how many videos you watch, I think you'll find experience will be the most important determinant of success at heads-up poker.

Good luck building your roll!