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Baby Steps Heads-Up No-Limit

I've been working my way through Moshman's Heads-Up No-Limit book. I've also been watching a bunch of HUNL videos including some of PokerSavvy instructor Roberts' videos and the Deuces Cracked Pr1nnyraiding series. The last time I played heads-up no-limit hold'em, I jumped straight in with very little preparation or study. Thankfully, I still managed a 20 BB/100 win rate over 3,500 hands thanks to some of IStrong's great HUNL videos and some poor play by my opponents.

I've been enjoying heads-up no-limit quite a bit more over the past week. I'm really looking forward to improving my play and sticking with poker a little while longer.

As I continue to study, I've forced myself to stay away from the high-variance world of heads-up cash games. Although I could likely handle the $50 or $100 games, I've opted for the slow, steady, and relaxed pace: I'm trying my best to view poker as a game and not a means of making money (a common theme over the past four years). I'm taking what I learn from the videos and books and applying it to Poker Stars' micro-stakes heads up sit n' gos. Since my last post, I've continued to win my fair share of $5 SNGs and will move up to the $10 SNGs this weekend. At $10 a pop, the risk versus reward scenario offered by the HU SNGs is too great to overlook.

Despite the inconsequential monetary gains I could make while playing low-stakes HU SNGs, I get a 15-30 minute window to work on many key abilities to becoming a better poker player. Hand reading, value betting, patience, aggression, and the super-voodoo soul read are all great skills to master in poker. I think I got a taste of the latter power last night when I called a guy's pot-sized river bet with a 9 high. Of course, I was playing the board at the time but that doesn't alter the fact that I had his 7-high beat. Was I 99% sure that I'd looked into my opponent's soul and seen his desperate bluff? Short answer: yes. Long answer: I failed to notice that I was playing the board.

My plans for this weekend include playing a number of heads up SNGs and finishing up Silent Hill: Homecoming. I also plan on playing with my kids, watching a movie with my wife, having a few drinks, playing a freefoll on Full Tilt, and visiting with family.

Have a good one!

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joxum said...

Hope to see you fairly soon at the HU SnGs.