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A Tangled Web

I don't have time for a full post today so I thought I'd just give a quick lunchtime update vis à vis the new HDTV set-up.

I figured it'd take me an hour or two to get everything hooked up, calibrated, and ready to go. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. It took me four hours to get the new TV, PS3, and Xbox 360 in place and ready to go. I ran into the following problems:

  • My HD cable box needed to be authorized by phone. We didn't have a phone in the bedroom so I had to run to the basement twice (don't ask) to get a working phone (25 minutes).
  • The PS3 bluetooth Blu-Ray remote didn't seem to be working. Little did I know that one needs to register the Bluetooth remote with the PS3 before it can be used (20 minutes).
  • The Xbox 360 VGA cable does not seem to produce good picture quality on my new TV. I fussed with it for a while but will need to reconnect the Xbox 360 using component cables for the video signal (20 minutes and counting).
  • The PS3 firmware needed to be updated before I could pop in a Blu-Ray disc (20 minutes).
  • My cable box kept wanting to send a 1080i signal to my TV and I wanted it to use 720p instead (15 minutes).
  • The TXH optimizer included on the Wall-E Blu-Ray disc was acting funny. I couldn't optimize my TV settings very well. I had to run to the basement and grab Toy Story 2 and use its THX optimizer instead. I'm still not happy with the results. I'm going to reset my TV and PS3 back to their default settings and try again tonight. (40 minutes and counting).
As you can see, setting up a new TV can be a real pain when you worry about the meaningless little details such as signal quality and contrast settings.

Tonight, my plans are to:
  1. Buy an SPDIF audio cable to connect my TV to my mini-receiver (for headphones).
  2. Buy an extension for my headphones - they're too short to reach the TV.
  3. Replace the Xbox 360's VGA cable output with component cable output.
  4. Re-calibrate the TV and PS3.
  5. Watch Wall-E with my wife.
  6. Play Little Big Planet on the PS3 with my wife.
  7. Try out my Xbox 360 on the new TV.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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