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Strike's Over!

It's almost the weekend. I couldn't be happier. I get some much needed days off to rest up. And I can look forward to taking the bus to work again starting next week. The transit strike in Ottawa lasted close to two months but bus service resumes tomorrow. The bad news? The bus that I take to work won't start running again until the beginning of April. But I'll gladly take two months of crap bus service over driving to work anyday - especially when bus service means that I'll be getting at least an extra hour's sleep a night!

I'm hoping that extra sleep will have an immediate and positive impact on my poker game. I played a little PLO yesterday (my wife was cool with it) and I promptly lost a couple buy-ins. Not a big deal as I'm currently running a little cold at the tables. I did, however, make some awful mistakes:

  1. I folded my turned nut straight and bottom-set when a tight player check-raised my turn bet. I didn't notice that I had the nut straight at the time and figured that my opponent was beating my bottom set with his own straight. Brutal fold on my part. What was I thinking?
  2. I called a fairly large river bet with only an overpair. My opponent had flopped a set and got three streets of value by betting his hand the whole way.
I also lost an AAxx versus AAxx matchup after getting it all in pre-flop. My opponent flopped a backdoor straight draw and hit on the river. In another hand, I got an opponent all-in on the flop with his overpair versus my top two-pair and open-ended straight draw: he caught runner runner to catch his straight on the river. I also flopped top set on a flop while my opponent held the flopped nut straight...that sucked a little.

I'm not too pleased with my performance at the $50 PLO tables just yet. But I think some more time at the tables and a little extra learning time on the bus to and from work should really help.

I may not play any PLO until Sunday. I'm pretty tired this morning and I may just settle in for some video games tonight. Of course, I have a habit of changing my plans every hour or so.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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