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Hail To The King

So the other night, I was driving home from work and I got really hungry. I stopped at a Burger King and decided to place an order for a Whopper, some onion rings, and an extra-large lemonade. Everything was going smoothly until I drove up to the drive-thru window to pay for my delicious meal. Truth be told, it was really the lemonade that I was looking foward to since I was extremely thirsty after a long day spent eating salted peanuts and guzzling coffee my premium Nabob flavoured coffee.

As I pulled up to the window, everything went to Hell very quickly. I'm still quite upset about the whole Burger King situation but nothing compared to last night. In fact, I was so upset last night that I ended up making the local news. In my defense, the newsroom really edited the segment to make me look like the bad guy. You can check out the clip after the jump.

Seriously - if I can't call 9-1-1 when I have a lemonade emergency or a bad-customer-service emergency, who should I call? All I can say is that 9-1-1 better be ready to send help the next time I lose to runner-runner or when my local corner store runs out of banana-flavoured Popsicles.

Ok, I'm thirsty so I'm gonna hit up my local McDonald's and get a lemonade.

Have a good one!

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