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I played a little more PLO the other night and my results were pretty standard. I only played for about an hour, got all my money in as a slim favourite against a short-stack, and lost. We both played the hand in standard fashion so there's no one to blame and no complaining to do. I'm still pleased to see that I've earned quite a few Sklansky Bucks in my first 400 hands at the $50 PLO tables. If I can keep making good decisions, I'll start to win some money eventually. Thankfully, I have rakeback to tied me over until I'm playing profitable poker again!

I ended up playing a pretty big pot when I found myself getting all-in pre-flop against a somewhat loose and donkey-ish player. I had AAQ9 and he held AAJ5: he missed his flush draws, I missed mine, and we ended up splitting $0.90 after the rake was taken out of the pot. If I'd been allowed to use three cards from my hand, I would've won the hand with aces up.

I'm going to continue watching PLO videos and working on my positional play, pre-flop raising standards, and playing in raised and re-raised pots. I think the key to playing winning PLO at the micro-stakes is to play good hands in position and seizing hand initiative pre-flop when possible.

I tried to raise a little more last night and things almost worked well. I ended up running into a number of calling stations at my tables which greatly reduced my post-flop expectation when missing flops. But I still think I played well enough and look forward to improving my game further in the coming weeks.

My plans for the weekend include playing 3-4 hours of PLO, playing a little Far Cry 2 on my Xbox 360, watching a movie or two with my wife, playing with my kids, sleeping, drinking, and relaxing.

My wife and I will also continue to look into bedroom furniture and HDTVs. We're looking to upgrade our bedroom from a simple playroom for our kids to an adult bedroom complete with HDTV, Blu-ray (PS3?), and other amenities and features appealing both to the adult male and female of my household. My wife is looking into the furniture and decorating aspects of the room. And I'm looking into picking up a reasonably priced LCD or plasma TV and, depending on price, an inconspicous speaker system. I was under the impression that prices would be good now given that we're in a recession but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yorkshire Pud said...

I think you hit the nail on the heads when you said beating the micros is about quality cards and position. Very few of them are taking notice of your play so you can sit and wait for good hands and push them all the way.

I couldn't get into Far Cry 2 and traded it in so I could buy Dead Space. I strongly suggest you get this game too, really atmospheric and a brilliant evolving storyline.

Klopzi said...

I just started Far Cry 2 last night. I'm going to give it a bit more time to see if I can "get it".

As for Dead Space, already on my list. In fact, most games are on my list (hence the moniker of Greedy Gamer).