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I'm still not sure if I'm going to play PLO tonight. But after watching a couple PokerSavvy videos last night, I've really got a hankering to hit the tables despite my fatigued state. Seriously - the PokerSavvy pros make PLO look so easy. You've got Mike Matusow killing the mid-to-high stakes 6-max PLO games. And Tom "LearnedFromTV" Chambers handles four $50 PLO tables without breaking a sweat. There's no better aphrodisiac - at least in regards to playing cards as opposed to humping them - than watching another player kill the game.

I'm going to get myself an affiliate link to PokerSavvy and really start promoting the site. Of all the poker training videos that I've seen so far, PokerSavvy's instructors come across and the best and brightest I've seen. Even Mike Matusow knows what he's talking about despite the fact that many of his correct poker decisions are made without thought or hesitation due to the Mouth's huge amount of experience. I like watching Matusow kill the games and provide useful insight into his thought process during a hand. I've yet to witness a "Matusow Blow-Up" but maybe he'll post one such video for comedic value at some point in the future.

PokerSavvy has many poker instructors that I admire and respect. For example, I really feel that both Foucault and IStrong have helped my NLHE game immensely.

Andrew "Foucault" Brokos is an online pro (and fellow blogger) who's had a great deal of success playing high-stakes no-limit hold'em, including a 35th place finish at last year's WSOP Main Event. Foucault's approach to the game and his approach to teaching are quite different than the usual "sweat session" videos that you'll find on other sites. Foucault uses mathematics, logic, and common sense to help guide his viewers through the proper way to play hands and think about easy and difficult situations at the tables. Foucault's videos are as close as you'll come to taking a university-level course in no-limit hold'em.

As for Kaveh "IStrong" Samani, what can I say? Although he's not a full-time instructor at PokerSavvy (yet?), his approach to 6-max and heads up NLHE is refreshing and inspiring. IStrong's "ABCs of Heads Up NLHE" series of videos introduced me to heads up no-limit hold'em and gave me the skills necessary to start immediately beating the low-stakes games.

Of course, PokerSavvy has many instructors that can help you with all forms of poker played at low, mid, or high stakes. Although PokerSavvy has many more NLHE videos than any other form of poker, it's good to see that pot-limit Omaha is growing increasingly popular as well.

Finally, PokerSavvy's site is well-organized and their video section makes finding interesting videos fast and easy. Their videos are available for download and DRM-free. PokerSavvy even offers many videos in MP4 format for your iPod and Zune. There is a download limit of 30 videos per week but that's pretty generous considering how cheap it is to sign on with PokerSavvy. And speaking of cheap, PokerSavvy also offers a free 7-day trial to take a look at their site, download a few videos, and get acquainted with the perks and privileges of being a PokerSavvy Plus member.

PokerSavvy is responsible for my eagerness to play poker this evening. They're also responsible for the confidence that I'll feel when I fire up those tables on Full Tilt and start playing...and winning!

Have a good one!


kaveh_samani said...

holla @ ya.

Glad you enjoyed my vids.
I'm sad i google myself.
Gl at the tables.


Klopzi said...

Hey IStrong -

Your vids are awesome! You definitely taught me that aggression and smart play beats cards any day at heads up play.

Of course, I still have to figure out the "smart play" but I'm getting there!