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PLO champ? Not yet...

I played some pot-limit Omaha last night at Full Tilt's $0.25/$0.50 tables. Although I had no reason to worry, I always get a little nervous when stepping up a limit. My initial and irrational fears were completely unfounded. Many of the players at the $50 tables were either playing too loose and either too aggressively or too passively.

I had a slight losing session, of course. This is usually the case when I deem myself to have an insurmountable edge over my competition. According to PokerEV, I was well ahead in Sklansky Bucks for the night despite ended up down 10 BB overall. I'll take the theoretical victory in this instance. Pot-limit Omaha is a game where short-term results are not really indicative of overall performance. If you can consistently get all your money into the pot in +EV situations over the course of your session, you'll stand to win in the long run.

I don't have any hand histories today. I didn't win or lose any big pots over the course of my session. My session was punctuated by the following hands:

  • I made a lose call against a pre-flop 3-bet with A♣ Q♥ J♥ 6♣. I'd raised first-in on the button and got 3-bet by a somewhat aggressive SB. I folded my naked flush draw to SB's pot-sized bet on a T♣ 7♣ 7♥ flop. Pretty standard, I think.
  • I flopped middle set in the SB in a four-way pot (my 6553 vs. a T♥ 5♠ 2♣ flop). The BB, a new player to the table and complete unknown, raised pot. I called the extra $6 after it folded back to me. I'm not sure why I called given that I check-folded the turn when a relatively safe 6♦ hit the board. I guess I was hoping that Villain would check through with a draw or marginal holding and only make a big bet with top set.  I folded my set when BB bet pot.  Is this too tight?  I've read about PLO tells me that middle set is not a great holding but I'm probably being too literal in most spots. Maybe I should have led out on the turn and folded to a raise?
  • I flopped top two-pair on a mono-suited T 7 x flop. I bet half-pot and got only one caller (the table's fish). I turned the overfull boat, bet half-pot and got insta-called. On the river, I simply bet pot and got called by the fish's flopped nut flush. I much prefer hands like these over the tricky "play your middle set out-of-position" hands.
That's all for today. I'm going to keep studying and practicing my PLO. I'm hoping to get some better competition in the $50 games and kick up my learning by a notch or two.

Have a good one!


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