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Too Human

Poker's a funny game. One minute, I love it to death and can't get enough of it. Yet a scant few losing sessions later and poker is relegated to the back burner while I busy my time elsewhere.

I think that I play a lot more poker when I'm worried about money and/or a little better rested. I'm not rich at the moment. As for being tired...

So how have I been spending my time? I finished Fallout 3 a couple weeks ago so what other game could be anywhere near as addictive as a post-nuclear RPG? Two words: Too Human.

There are a few games that really stand out from the pack when I think of games that absolutely loved playing: Fallout (1 and 2), Diablo II (though the original Diablo was good too), the Final Fantasy series, Grand Theft Auto 3, and GTA: Vice City. Too Human's gameplay of fighting hordes of creatures and collecting loot feels a lot like Diablo II. Talk about an addictive game; it's all I can think about besides my wife, kids, and work. It's been a long while since I've felt so strongly about a game.

It's a shame that Too Human was unfairly pronounced D.O.A. by many review sites. I think that those who were quick to dismiss Too Human missed the true point of the game. If you've got an Xbox 360 and if you liked Diablo II, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Too Human for yourself. It's cheap, it's great fun, and it's an easy way to kill 100 hours of your life if you so choose.

Check out the game's trailer and a solid review of the game below.



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