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Up here in Ottawa, we're now into Day 3 of our public transit strike. We're also going through an unseasonal cold snap with temperatures hovering around the -10°C (14°F) mark with some brisk winds really cooling things off. Throw in slick streets, the near-constant trickle of snow from the heavens, and picketers blocking traffic and you have the recipe for a very tired "me".

Last week, my round trip to and from work took roughly an hour and a half. My bus ride was nice and relaxed, allowing me to watch poker videos on my Zune or read a quality poker book or two.

Fast forward to this week. My round-trip commute now takes four to five hours. It's a long, boring drive punctuated by slippery roads, short-fused tempers, and inflated parking prices. You want to talk about your bad beats...

As much as I'd like to "want to" play poker over the weekend, it's not going to happen. I'm exhausted from a grueling week at work. I'm enjoying Too Human far too much for a thirty-three year old father of two. And I would lose money if I tried to jump into a game in my current state of mind. I am hoping to play poker next week by having a poker party at my place. Current invitees include myself and lots of beer; I hear honey roasted peanuts and some of the Bulk Barn's best snack mixes may stop by to say hello too!

My plans for tonight include relaxing with my wife, drinking, and video games. There is nothing else planned over the next couple days. That's a good thing considering I need to brace myself for another week of brutal commuting. There's no end to the strike in sight right now and I doubt we'll see anything happen until after Christmas.

For the record, I'm siding with the City of Ottawa on this issue. Unions suck. I can see how they were useful back in the old days when employers were really sticking it to their coal miners and railroad workers but things are different nowadays. The OC Transpo bus drivers make substantial money, have good benefits, and flexible work schedules. What else do they need? According to the transit union (and not the bus operators themselves), bus operators need a 10% pay increase over three years, more sick days, and the ability to schedule their own shifts - even if doing so results in less buses on the road and substantial overtime hours being billed to taxpayers. Ridonkulous!

Have a great weekend! I need a drink...

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