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The Perfect Storm

The snow started late Monday evening. Just a few flakes here and there until around midnight. Then the snow really started coming down. By Tuesday morning, my fair city of Ottawa was pleasantly dusted by roughly one foot of snow. Not too bad, right? A white Christmas was all but guaranteed.

The only problem? It kept snowing.

Over the course of Tuesday, we received another six inches of snow. Roads were slippery, sidewalks were treacherous, and public transportation was slow and frustrating.

At eight o'clock last night, the snow turned to freezing rain.

At eleven o'clock, freezing rain turned back into snow.

At midnight, all public transportation workers in Ottawa walked off their jobs as their union firmly declared to all who were listening: "Strike!". Their timing could not have been more perfect: damn those sneaky, weather-forecasting union bosses!

When I awoke at six o'clock this morning, I looked outside and was shocked to discover that Ottawa had received another foot of snow overnight. And the buses were not running. And the under-funded city snowplows had yet to make their first runs of the day.

Total distance from my house to my downtown office: 11.6 miles.

Total time spent in the car this morning: 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Talk about a long, boring, gross, and death-defying drive. You would not believe how many stupid people there were out on the roads this morning. Or maybe you would? In any case, it's days like today that make me lose all faith in humanity. If the general population can't figure out how to merge in traffic without bringing the morning commute to a grinding halt, how the f*ck are we supposed to cure cancer, AIDS, and everything else lining up to f*ck us?

And you know what else sucks? Losing at poker. As much as I try to work on my SNG game, I can't seem to get any kind of streak going. I've been reading Secrets of Sit 'n' Gos: Winning Strategies for Single-table Poker Tournaments but no positive results yet. Mind you, I'm not playing enough to give myself a real chance to win either.

I can't help it though: the world's far too Christmas-y right now to spend my time playing online poker. Video games are far more festive, aren't they? Especially video games that involve hitting robots masquerading as mythological creatures square in their mythological faces.

In any case, work is busy, traffic's gonna be a real bitch tonight, and I'm ready for bed.

Have a good one!


joxum (Denmark) said...

White xmas...yeah, I remember what that is like. Think last time it happened here in Denmark was when I was 13 years old or so. These days it's mostly fog or rain on christmas eve.


Klopzi said...

joxum -

We typically have a green Christmas every 7 year or so. The past few years have seen a lot of snow blanketing the city in early December. This year, our first snow fall happened in October and it's been cold ever since.

I think we're already up to 2-3 feet of snow.