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Testing My Patience

The poker that I've played since last Friday has been a test in patience and resolve. As much as I hate losing money, I'm still excited enough about poker to keep bashing my head against the wall. And that, my friends, is how I can best describe my four-day-weekend's worth of poker.

Friday night was filled with a bit of drunken fun. Five drinks and a shot of Amarula saw me having a good time playing some STTs and $1/$2 6-max FL at PokerStars. Although the limit poker ended up well, I am still having a hell of time beating those damned STTs. Each STT played out the same way:

  • Stick around until or 5 or 6 players remained.
  • Lose a race to find myself with 3-5 BBs left.
  • Shove all in and get called by a pocket pair or big ace.
It's getting pretty ridiculous. But I'll keep jamming away at these things until I've managed to clear every last damned PokerGoal that I have listed for STTs. I'm currently working towards clearing the "Win a NL STT (buy-in $10+)" PokerGoal: easier said than done, unfortunately. If all else fails, I'm well on my way to earning my "Lose 5 consecutive STTs when making it to heads-up play." PokerGoal thanks to my opponents' ability to have me dominated on many hands.

I've also started playing a lot of $2/$4 6-max FL. It's a very fast and very aggravating game. The sheer number of river suck-outs has been pretty demoralizing so far. In a game where ace high wins many pots, it's a little frustrating to have my opponents constantly show down rivered sets and flopped full houses. I'm looking forward to having my results better reflect my play; however, I still have a lot to learn before I can claim to be an average limit hold'em poker player. I'm hoping that Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies is a good first step in getting my game up to par. I've been watching some 6-max FL videos but I'm missing some of the fundamentals from my game. I may also buy another month of PokerSavvy Plus to get my hands on some more 6-max LHE videos.

Finally, I played a very short session of $200 NL at Titan Poker. I got lucky and took down a $400 pot with KK. That little win unlocked a couple of PokerGoals and helped ease the sting of an otherwise fruitless weekend at the tables.

I'm going to play some poker and watch the WSOP Main Event final table with my wife tonight.

Have a good one!

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