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Stick a fork in me...

There's a good reason for my lack of posts this week. Work has been killing me and I've been very busy outside of work. I've planned on playing poker every night this week only to find my resolve greatly diminished once the opportunity presents itself. It's not that I'm not interested in poker: quite the opposite, in fact.

I've been reading tons of reference material to help me work on my sit-n-go game.

I'm also currently reviewing Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume I and I'm loving it! It's great being able to see how a professional tournament player thinks through a hand. I don't play many tournaments very often but I may just give more of them a shot in the near future.

The biggest deterrent to poker right now is my general level of exhaustion. I'm too tired to play at stakes that matter but unwilling to waste my time playing meaningless stakes. Why grind away at a $0.50/$1 FL table or a $50 NL game when I could be playing Fallout 3 or watching a movie with my wife? The latter two activities are so much more rewarding even though my poker game could benefit greatly from a little time at the tables.

There's a good chance that I may have to rely on poker as supplemental income in the next two or three years. That's assuming, of course, that U.S. politics don't ruin poker any more than they have since introduction of the UIGEA. However, I have faith that the good old U.S.A. will run Internet poker into the ground and totally screw me and my family over. I guess I could always try to work nights and grind away my days playing against some European donkeys.

I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let me just concentrate on the weekend. I need to relax and start thinking clearly again. Right now, I'm feeling a little too down on myself to evaluate how I'd like to spend the rest of my life.

What are my plans for the weekend? Likely a little poker though I'm not too sure about playing tonight given how tired I am right now. I'll see if I can find some good $200 NL tables or $2/$4 FL tables (not quite ready to give up on FL just yet, I guess). Failing that, some $22 + $2 turbos at Full Tilt. I'm also going to play some Fallout 3, have a few drinks, relax with my wife and kids, and put up some Christmas lights too.

Have a great weekend! Here's hoping next week is better...

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