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SNGs, Fallout 3, and Work

You ever had one of those months at work where the harder you struggle, the worse things get? I'm there right now. It sucks but that's the price you pay to be a contributing member of society. Trust me - I'd give it all up for poker here and now if I thought that I had any chance of making it. Mouths to feed and crippling mortgage payments are all that keep me in line at the moment.

Despite a wicked case of the "blahs", I still played a bit of poker over the weekend. I stayed away from the cash games and stuck with some one-table SNGs (STTs). And I only played Full Tilt's $11 + $1 turbos. Things went well and I took down a first place finish and a second place finish. Thanks Jebus for flopped quads and a ten of diamonds on the river!

The bulk of my weekend was spent with my wife, kids, and Fallout 3. Video games are just as addictive as poker, let me tell you. Yet despite spending a lot of time with my Xbox 360, I've been studying my ass off when it comes to poker.

I'm about two-thirds of the way through
Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume I and I'm really loving it! I really, really want to try my hand at an MTT soon! Maybe I could give The Mookie or some other blogger tournament a shot. I do have a few PokerGoals related to blogger tournaments. I'll see how I feel come Wednesday night.

I'm also going to see if I can play at least ten $22+$2 sit-n-gos at Full Tilt before the end of the month. That may not sound like a lot to most of you reading this but trust me: if you've had the pleasure of trying Fallout 3, you'll know just how hard it can be to put the game aside. To make matters even worse, I received a shipment of fifteen new Xbox 360 games in the mail today. Sleep? Who needs it? Am I right? And what's with airline food?

Anyway, I'm going to devote at least five hours to poker this week. I'm planning on sticking with Full Tilt's $22 turbos until I've got about fifty of those suckers under my belt. I'll move up a buy-in level if I can show a positive ROI. I'm also going to start working on winning some 18-player and 27-player turbos: I've got some MTT-related PokerGoals to "unlock".

I'd write more but I'm way too busy! Have a good one!


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