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A Return to the Good Old Days

I just finished playing a few hours of poker. I had a pretty good night thanks to a solid fixed limit hold'em session at PokerStars' $1/$2 6-max tables.

When I started playing poker a few years back, fixed limit hold'em was the game of choice for most online grinders. Back in poker's great old days, it was possible to make a fairly good living off of bonuses, rakeback, and 2-3 BB/100.

Things are a little different nowadays. Bonuses are, quite frankly, shit. Anyone remember those big Party Poker bonuses that you could clear in an few hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon?

In any case, I made the move to no-limit hold'em last year along with the rest of the poker world. Fixed limit games were getting less popular. The fish wanted the "excitement" of no-limit hold'em (even though fixed limit hold'em is pretty fast-paced, exciting, and swingy as a bastard). The limit games got really tight as the sharks and ABC TAGs struggled to maintain positive win rates despite poor table conditions and terrible bonus clearing requirements.

Tonight I dipped my toe into the fixed limit hold'em waters at PokerStars for the first time in two years. Imagine my surprise to see that there were tons of full tables packed with sharks, fish, and everything in between.

It only took me a few seconds to find a table with two 70%+ VP$IP players seated. I took when the taking was good and moved to a new table when the fish found themselves felted. Lather, rinse, repeat and I ended up finishing off a solid hour or so of poker in the black.

Over the next few days, I'd like to continue to brush up on my limit hold'em skills. If at all possible, I'd like to try my hand at the $2/$4 6-max tables. Although there are a many situations that I'm unfamiliar with while playing fixed limit hold'em, I think that my game's good enough to give $2/$4 a solid shot.

I like the 6-max tables thanks to the looser hand requirements and the greater number of opportunities to isolate the fish. The games can be pretty swingy but I need to work on maintaining my A-game despite poor short-term results. I may end up focusing on fixed limit hold'em cash games and no-limit hold'em single table tournaments (a.k.a. sit-n-gos) for the month of November and see how things go.

Ok, it's late and I have to get to bed. Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be on vacation until next Wednesday but I may take the time to write a few late night posts should inspiration strike.

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