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One Solid Session

I had a pretty good weekend at the tables. I ended up spending a little more time with my Xbox 360 than I'd originally planned on Friday. It's not that poker went poorly on Friday evening; quite the contrary, in fact. I guess I didn't want to push my luck after pulling off a good session.

I played a short session of $2/$4 6-max FL, $1/$2 6-max FL, and a couple $12 STTS.

$2/$4 went well enough. My good hands held up, a draw came in, and I didn't get sucked out on too badly. My fixed limit game is in complete flux right now. If there's one thing that "Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies" is teaching me is that I don't know how to play 6-max fixed limit hold'em. I'm a complete donkey at times and my lapses in judgement are showing up in my results. Hopefully I'll be able to plug up some leaks over the coming weeks and come out ahead at $2/$4 after 10,000 hands.

My session at $1/2 was pretty brutal. I ran JJ into AA and KK into a rivered gutshot draw. When will I learn that the opponents that I'm up against at the low stakes tables do not bluff raise the river after calling me down post-flop?

My STTs went pretty well. I went out in fifth in my first STT when AQ < KT. I'd generally avoid calling off 90% of my stack with KT were I in my opponent's shoes but I guess that's why I'm able to win at poker. Suckouts and loose calls are a part of the game.

I took down my second STT. Thankfully, my opponents all got gun-shy on the bubble. My opponents' lack of aggression allowed me to go from 3 BBs deep with four left to holding a 5:1 chiplead once we got heads-up. My opponent managed to hang on for three all-ins. I had him dominated each time but he managed to suck out on me all but once. In the end, my K9 beat out my heads-up opponent's K3 for first place!

I'm currently enjoying Fallout 3 a little too much and may not play quite as much poker this week. Of course, my plans seem to have very little bearing on how I actually choose to spend my time. I'm done with the $10 buy-in STTs for now. I'm quite anxious to start hitting the $20+ buy-in STTs. I may even move up to the $30s if things go well.

I'll fill everyone in on what I'm playing as thing unfold over the next few days. Oh, for what it's worth, my PokerScore is sitting at 55 PP after my weekend's play.

Have a good one!

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