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The First Step

It took a little bit of work but I've finally finished off my preliminary (yet fairly comprehensive) list of PokerGoals. I still have a number of sections to add for various Cash Games such as PLO and 5-card draw but those will come in time. Looking over the goals that I've set for myself, I'm in for quite the challenge over the coming months and years.

I was looking for focus and purpose in my game and I think I've found it. Not only am I ready to tackle the challenge at hand but I'm excited by the prospect of pushing myself harder than ever before. I'm sure that both my game and my bankroll will improve vastly in the coming months and years. I also hope that this huge challenge that I've set for myself ends up being entertaining for my readers.

Every journey starts with a single step; I started my poker journey last night and picked up my very first PokerGoal.

It's fitting that everything kicks off at the once-mighty Party Poker. Party Poker helped make online poker what it is - or at least what it was when things were great. Party gave me $15 to do with as I pleased. At around 10:30 last night, I fired up two $6 STTs (I'll use this terminology from now on to describe any single-table sit-n-go). Micro stakes, I know, but please keep in mind that I hadn't played any poker in a month. I also lacked the funds at Party to play two $11 STTs.

In my first STT, I bubbled out in 4th when my TT ran into an opponent's 55. Presto came through for my opponent as he spiked his set on the flop.

The other STT went much better. I was able to pick up AA twice, DQB'd Queens with my AQ, and also hit top two with AK. There's nothing easier than taking down an STT when you're getting hit by the deck.

Heads-up lasted one hand: my AA versus my opponent's J5. I picked up $25 for my win. My wife, who'd been watching the whole affair rather intently, was quick to congratulate me on my win. I smiled and told her that her comment had just earned me my first 5 PokerPoints as I picked up my "Wife cheers you on after a MTT or STT win" PokerGoal.

Sure - my wife thinks I'm crazy. But I know that she loves me more than anyone else on the planet. And I couldn't think of a more fitting first step than the one I took last night.

Have a great day everyone! Please feel free to continue commenting on the whole PokerGoal nonsense that I've taken on with such gusto. Thanks to Kurokitty and Waffles for throwing in their two cents.

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