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Feeling the Burn

Today, I am a broken man. Work has been killing me. And poker has been very unkind to me over the past week. Thankfully, I have my wife, kids, and friends to help me realize that there is more to life than work and having my aces cracked...again.

Plans for this weekend are simple: family, relaxation, poker, and a few drinks to help me forget the pain of a long, hard week. I've been working on my fixed-limit 6-max game. I hope to see some improvement in my numbers soon; I'm down about 40 BB.

I'm also still trying to win my first $10+ buy-in STT. I came close last night but AA < 44 so whaddya gonna do? I'll just keep trying because I've got an itch to become a better player and bankroll to burn. Tonight, I'll be throwing a little more kindling - and maybe a little gasoline - on that fire.

Have a great weekend!

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