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Month in Review: September 2008

September was a strange month for me. I started the month off on a four buy-in downswing which is pretty big for me considering my typical volume. This turn of events had me longing to take a little time away from the tables to recharge and re-examine my game. To make matters worse, I caught a pretty nasty cold and decided to settle in for some video games; I rarely play well when I'm sick. And then my Xbox 360 broke.

But things turned out well for me. I managed to pull off another winning month although this was due, in large part, to getting lucky while playing some head's up NLHE. Check out my stats after the jump.

Judging from my lack of success at $100 NLHE this month, I think I was running a little cold. It's not that I was ever getting my money in good and losing. For some reason, that type of scenario rarely comes up. Typically, my bad runs all involve me running into unexpectedly huge hands from my opponents. Or I'll fail to pick up any playable hands pre-flop for large chunks of time.

First off, here's a quick summary of my month at the tables:

My $100 NLHE game was definitely off. Although I managed to claw my way back from being down four buy-ins, PokerStars' quality opponents kept me in check. It's a little frustrating to play for 18 hours and come out ahead by only $5. It makes it even worse when I realize that I paid almost $250 for the privilege of breaking even this month. But hey - at least I was up! We'll have to see how October treats me!

Next up, let's take a quick look at how my hands turned out.

I don't really know what to make of these numbers. I lost a large chunk of change with my high card hands due to a few missed draws and a couple ill-conceived bluffs. I'm going to really focus on choosing better spots to bluff in the future. I've got to remember a fundamental poker truth: people don't like to fold.

Finally, let's take a look at how lucky or unlucky I was in flopping sets:

I definitely ran a little cold in this regard. I didn't pick up quite as many premium pocket pairs as I would have liked and I failed to hit sets many times. These numbers probably explain why I was just break-even this month. Honestly, poker is all about getting your sets and premium hands paid off. Unfortunately, my big hands just didn't show up quite enough to make me money.

At this point in time, I don't feel like playing poker quite as much as I have in past months. Looking at the calendar, I'd say that I'm about due for a little poker apathy: it seems to spring up every three months or so. That being said, I can't be too disappointed with my play since July. I've almost tripled my bankroll and I'm financially ready to try out the $200 NLHE games again.

My plans for the month are as follow:

  • Finish off my PokerStars $240 reload bonus playing $100 NLHE.
  • Play some $200 NLHE at Full Tilt and Titan Poker.
  • Take poker less seriously to help avoid burning myself out.
I feel bad whenever I post my monthly results. I'm not a flashy player and I don't take any chances with my bankroll. And since I don't play tournaments or thousands of hands a day, there is never any opportunity to have a huge winning month at the tables. My biggest daily personal score to date is a $1000 win in a RakeTheRake freeroll at Party Poker (of which I kept only $500). But who knows what will happen at $200 NLHE? Maybe I'll have my first ever $1,000+ day! That'd be pretty sweet...though quite unlikely without a lot of luck.

I don't think I'll be playing any poker until tomorrow night. The tables are so much better on Fridays and Saturdays and I'm in no rush to get back to the grind.

Have a good one!

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