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History Repeats Itself

My weekend at the tables went as expected: quite poorly. I'm not sure why I start every month off on a losing streak but that's what's happened again. I'm not making any big mistakes in the games I'm playing but my bankroll's taken a hit regardless.

I don't have any hand histories today. Suffice it to say that Friday night was all about getting my flopped two pair counterfeited on the river. I played about 250 hands of $100 NLHE at Stars and dropped a buy-in thanks to a terrible player's lucky river card.

I played ten $15 + $1 Turbo SNGs at Stars. I managed to come in second in one SNG and lost the rest. I can't remember what it's like to be good at these things. Honestly. I'm rarely getting in the money, normally going out with four or five left when I push with 4 BBs left.

I remember the days when I could push garbage and expect a little fold equity. I also remember getting into situations where I was flipping for my tournament life. It now seems that my pushes are getting called light by a variety of players hoping to speed things along. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but there must be a major leak somewhere. Maybe I should loosen up a little earlier if I feel that the table is playing too tight? I just don't know.

Over my last 60 SNGs, I've had one win, three second place finishes, and a couple third place finishes. I'm tempted to force myself to play more SNGs until I break out of this funk. It's seriously starting to piss me off. Then again, there's no money in SNGs unless I'm willing to put in some volume.

As for my $100 NLHE game, my results are tanking lately. The past couple months have been an exercise in chipping up. I chip up as best I can by outplaying my opponents. I then get my money in good and lose. Or, even worse, I get my money in drawing near-dead against an opponent's set. It's pretty sick and disheartening...

So poker's gross right now. Video games are awesome. I love how I keep flip-flopping between my hobbies. Variety is the spice of life.

I still plan on finishing up my Stars bonus this month. And I'm going to play $200 NLHE this month - even if it kills me. But I won't be playing very much this week because I'm on tilt.

I will post some hands over the next few days. I've got lots of hands that I'd like to complain about.

Have a good one!

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