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Exciting Times

Still no poker in the cards for me over the next few days. Just not feeling it. On a bright note, the recent decline of the Canadian dollar versus the American dollar has boosted my bankroll by about 25%. Throw in various other bankroll contributions and it looks like this is one of my better bankroll months in a long time!

On the downside, I've had to pull some of my 'roll out into the real world. We need a new garage door and a new garage door opener. Total cost? Shockingly high! I just love spending money on stuff that I will never ever enjoy nor appreciate. I'm really looking forward to paying for a new roof and new windows next Spring: that should be fun. I guess I can always live on crumpets and expired lunch meat...

I've started to wonder how much online poker is being played right now by the masses. I don't see many new posts in my blogroll so I can only assume that many bloggers are taking it easy on the poker front. You'd think that people would feel the need to play more poker given that everyone's investments have tanked. Thankfully, I've been spared from any trauma caused by the stock market crash because I have no investments, no savings, and no retirement funds. Who knew that not planning for my future could have paid off so well?

Troubled times call for desperate measures: an escape to the land of video games. I'm almost finished with Lego Indiana Jones and will be turning to Lego Star Wars in the next couple nights. What can I say? I George Lucas! I guess I also Steven Spielberg - just don't let George know cuz I'm not into the whole "three-way with bearded dudes" thing.

Have a good one!

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