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Duck and Cover

Waffles asked me a simple question in a comment to yesterday's post. "Fallout 3?", he asked. What is Fallout 3?

Back in the 1990s, Interplay released a PC game called Fallout. It was an role-playing game that took place in the post-apocalyptic future of the United States of America. A sequel, Fallout 2, was released a year later. Both games are considered classic RPGs and are some of my most influential games in terms of my development as a video game addict. Watch the following Fallout retrospective to get a better idea of what "Fallout" is and how it impacted the video game community.

Today, Fallout 3 hit store shelves. I'm holding my very own copy of the game as I write this. I'm not sure what this means for poker but I could hazard a guess. Funny thing though - playing long and involving video games has a way of satisfying my video game jones. And that would mean more poker, of course. I guess I'm just funny that way.

So in response to Waffles: yes, I am going to be playing Fallout 3.

And if any of you are wondering whether or not you should do the same, watch the following trailer and video review.

Have a great day everyone! I'm gonna be staying up late tonight...


kurokitty said...

Fallout 3 rocks!

Klopzi said...

Sure does!