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An Adventure-Filled Weekend

I was going to play poker over the weekend. But I didn't. Probably because I'm inching closer and closer to "hiatus" status with each passing day. I guess I'm just liking my video games way too much right now.

I had a pretty great weekend.

I got to relax which is always much appreciated.

I ate lots of food that I shouldn't have:

  • Chinese Food (General Tso's chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls, Vegetables w/ beef)
  • Wasabi-coated candied peanuts
  • A tasty little snack mix containing pretzels, hickory sticks, crunchy cheesies, flax seed and regular corn chips, and maple-glazed peanuts.
  • Candy! Lots of candy!
  • Coolers and extra spicy Caesars!
  • And much, much more...
I'm about 7 lbs. up from my recent lowest weight. Time to renew my efforts to get rid of my spare tire and spare ass.

My wife and I also watched Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Even though I've seen the movie thirty or forty times, I had a hankering. I've just started playing Lego Indiana Jones which might explain my recent proclivity for all things Indiana Jones. Strangely enough, I've stayed away from watching Indy's latest adventure - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I hear it's ass and I hate that Shia LaBeouf guy.

I'll probably be playing some more Lego Indiana Jones this week with a little Burnout Paradise thrown in for good measure. I'm still not too worried about the lack of poker being played. I think I'd just donk away my money if I tried to force myself to sit in on some games. Better to just ride out the video game high I'm on right now.

Have a good one!

Bonus Content: Trailers for Lego Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Actually, the movie doesn't look too bad...guess I'll be renting it soon.

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