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Sick and Stupid Poker

True to my word, I stayed away from the tables last night. I was tempted to play last night after watching a few IStrong videos but I held fast. For those who care, I finished off Half-Life 2: Episode 1 instead. It was refreshing to end a night of entertainment without having to pore over my financial records to determine whether my time was well-spent or wasted.

Tonight's plans include more of the same: kids, wife, TV, and some video games. My entire family, myself included, have come down with a cold. I'm feeling it right now: sore throat, a little achy, and tired. I'm sure the next few days will be a real blast. I'm still intending on playing poker over the weekend; however, I may have to hold off until Saturday if I'm still sick tomorrow.

I figure that the tables should be pretty good over the weekend. I was planning on playing Full Tilt but with the WCOOP starting at PokerStars tomorrow, there should be a lot of fish hitting the cash game tables. I'm going to try and play some solid poker. However, this doesn't mean that I'll be playing scared poker.

A disturbing trend has come up in my game recently. I've started abusing pot control and then folding to bets from my opponents on the river. I have to remember that when I've told my opponent that I'm weak, I need to be prepared to call some scary looking river bets from my aggressive opponents.

Here's a hand that I misplayed the other night.

No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $0.50/$1
5 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $95.60
CO: $98.50
Button: $98.40
Villain (SB): $118.55
Hero (BB): $100

(I don't have a great read on the Villain. However, I've noticed that he's pretty aggressive and has open-raised from the Button and SB in the past few orbits.)

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is BB with K♠ T♣
3 folds, Villain raises to $3, Hero calls.

(I think a re-raise is probably preferable to the call.)

Flop: 6♠ T♦ 8♦ ($6, 2 players)
Villain bets $5, Hero raises to $12, Villain calls.

(I've got top pair on a drawy board so that's worth a raise. When the Villain calls, I still can't narrow down his range too much given the board texture.)

Turn: 4♣ ($30, 2 players)
Villain checks, Hero checks.

(When Villain checks the turn, I need to bet here. If Villain check-raises, I'd know I'm beat. Otherwise, a flat-call would lean towards a draw or a hand with some showdown value like top pair or a pocket pair.

I didn't bet because I felt that the Villain was capable of bluff check-raising me off my hand. But I had very little history with this opponent so I had no reason to think that this was necessarily true. The fact of the matter is that a turn bet by me would have made the river so much easier to play.)

River: 4♦ ($30, 2 players)
Villain bets $14, Hero folds.

(When you play for pot control, folding to a half-pot-sized bet on the river from your OOP opponent is bad. The river was a scare card and the Villain probably knew it. I'm pretty ashamed by my play here. I didn't realize just how bad it was until I walked through the hand again for this post. I was getting better than 3:1 on my money with top pair on the river against an aggressive opponent making a small river bet. Sure, there are times when I'm behind. But that's not the point. After this hand, the Villain was able to steal pot after pot away from me because he knew that I'd fold. Awful, awful, awful...)

Have a good one!

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