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A Little Inspiration

I spent last night relaxing with my wife. It's nice that both House and Bones are back with new episodes. House is my second favourite show on TV, surpassed only by The Office. And Bones is a surprisingly good show that some friends turned us onto over the summer. Great stuff all 'round, I'd say.

In any case, I didn't play any poker last night. I may play a little heads up poker tonight if the mood strikes. I've already put in over 6,000 hands this month so I wouldn't mind just taking a night to play some video games. My problem is that the allure of poker is quite strong at the moment. I'm really enjoying HUNL and I've managed to avoid the lion's share of tilt-inducing variance.

In fact, I've wondered if much of my winning play is a result of my indifference to winning or losing. If I were to sit down and play some heads up poker tonight and dropped a few buy-ins, I wouldn't care. I'd simply shut down my laptop, fire up my Xbox 360, and escape into a world of Jedi, violent hobos, creepy little girls, and medieval puzzles. Of course, if I post a winning session, my bankroll gets a little boost and I start looking forward to my next session.

And it's easy to look forward to poker when you've got some great opponents. Take a look at these hands and tell me that you wouldn't mind hitting the tables right about now!

Titan Poker 0.25/0.50
Hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

saw flop | saw showdown

BB Villain ($168.90)
SB Hero ($165.25)

Preflop: Hero is in the SB with 7 8
Hero raises to 1.50, Villain calls 1.00.

Flop (3.25) T 9 6
Villain checks, Hero bets 2.00, Villain raises to 8.00, Hero raises to 15.00, Villain calls 7.00.

(Villain doesn't check-raise without a hand so I'm trying to build the pot without going crazy.)

Turn (35.25) K
Villain checks, Hero bets 25.00, Villain calls 25.00.

(I hate the King but I've got to bet since this is usually a good spot to bluff. I probably should have bet pot in order to set up a pot-sized push on the river.)

River (85.25) 2
Villain checks, Hero moves all-in for 123.75, 1 fold

(Okay - I went a little crazy here. But given my read on the Villain, I think he's just as likely to call an overbet as he is a $60 value bet. My line is pretty strong. Villain's quick fold coupled with Villain's play on the turn and flop makes me think he had either QT or JT.)

Hero wins 209.00

This next hand occurred within the first ten hands at the table. Villain is rated as being quite poor. He'd just finished playing against a total donkey and was probably feeling overly confident.

Titan Poker 0.25/0.50
Hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

saw flop | saw showdown

SB Villain ($301.95)
BB Hero ($52.85)

Preflop: Hero is in the BB with A Q
Villain raises to 1.50, Hero raises to 5.00, Villain calls 3.50.

Flop (10.75) 2 Q 3
Hero bets 7.00, Villain raises to 20.00, Hero calls 13.00.

(I'm stacking off here. But given Villain's check-raise, I'll let him do the betting for me.)

Turn (50.75) 2
Hero checks, Villain bets 30.00, Hero moves all-in for 27.85.

River (108.60) 9

Hero shows A Q
Villain shows A J (Didn't see that coming...)

Hero wins 108.60 with Two pair, Queens and Twos with a Ace for a kicker

So tonight - maybe poker, maybe games. I haven't decided yet. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration over the course of my day.

Have a good one!

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