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Happy Birthdays, New Avatars, and a New Outlook

For the past couple years, I've used the same avatar (i.e. Will Ferrell at the wheel of a ship smoking a corn cob pipe) for both my site and my avatar on various poker sites. In recent times, I haven't felt like that care-free sailor floating from one hilarious box office hit to the next. I've matured greatly over the past couple years, due in great part to the extra responsibilities of being a father and husband.

And so I thought it would be fitting to update my old avatar with a new one (shown here). Gregory House M.D. seems to be a good fit for my current state of mind. I may not be addicted to Vicodin but, to my credit, I am addicted to Chinese food, buffets, and long walks on the beach at sunset.

Much like House, I've grown quite apathetic to the struggles and woes of those near and far, at home and abroad.

Maybe I'm a jerk.

Maybe I'm just tired.

Maybe I'm disgusted by the fact that I still have trouble beating low stakes poker from time to time.

Or maybe I just feel that I'm owed...something and have yet to catch wind of the when, where, or how such a "something" might be bestowed upon me. Until then, I guess I'll settle for my new avatar and my new outlook on poker and life.

In happier news, my family will be celebrating my youngest son's first birthday this weekend! He's a great little guy and he deserves to have a great party! There will be Swiss cheese at this party which is, in my opinion, a key component of any successful get-together. I can't wait to see my little guy take his first bite of cake! I remember when my oldest son tackled his first cupcake: I didn't think you could get that much icing in so many little nooks and crannies. Seriously, my kids are great and I love them both to death!

Besides the birthday, I'll likely play some poker and some video games. I'll be putting the heads up poker aside for a while as I'm in the mood for grinding again. I'd like to make the move to $200 NLHE next month so I'll have to get my regular game back up and running. I also got systematically dismantled at the Heads Up tables last night which makes my decision to return to 6-max all that much easier. As an aside, playing Heads UP NLHE against an aggressive opponent is not very much fun when you miss every flop (except for that one flop where he hits his set, that is).

I'll also be playing in this month's $22,500 freeroll at Full Tilt Poker presented by RakeTheRake! Have I mentioned how much I love RakeTheRake? I dare anyone to find a better or more professionally run rakeback site. Signing up with them is the best decision I've ever made in terms of online poker.

My goal for next month's poker will be to prove to myself that most of the online poker community can't play poker. I see so many bad players succeeding where they should fail. I want to be there when they fall so that I can relieve them of their chips as they pass by on their rapid descent to bankroll suicide.

New avatar, new outlook, and a new day...


gourmet popcorn said...

well you really get hooked to your avatar.

Klopzi said...

Yes I do...