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A Fine Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend at the tables. Friday night was a lot of fun though I'll admit that I'm not used to drinking as much as I did. In fact, I was so floored by the measly eight drinks imbibed on Friday that I was unable to play poker on Saturday. Definitely -EV. I'll give a quick recap of the festivities after the jump.

I started the evening off by playing some heads-up $50 NLHE. I took on four opponents: one at Titan Poker and three at Full Tilt. I made short work of my Titan Poker opponent, stacking him for about $12 in a few minutes time.

I ended up quitting on my next opponent at Full Tilt. He seemed to have an idea of how to play heads-up. Rather than sit around and find a chink in his armour, I decided to find easier prey.

My second Full Tilt opponent went down after a brief 12 minute struggle. He was loose pre-flop and aggressive post-flop. It's not hard to beat opponents who are willing to call raises light in the BB or call 3-bets light. I finally picked up a hand and let the Villain stack off. As for my last Full Tilt opponent, he proved to be a tougher nut to crack so I left that game after about 10 minutes.

With the drinks flowing rather steadily, I moved on to play three heads-up SNGs at Titan Poker. I decided to stick with the $5 + $0.25 cheapies. I took down my first SNG and lost the other two. I don't remember much about these SNGs. My opponents were terrible and the blinds increased far too fast for my liking.

I then played a string of five $10 + $1 double-up SNGs. I played a total of 7 hands in these five SNGs:

  • SNG #1: Picked up KK and got it all in pre-flop against TT. That double up allowed me to skate into the money.
  • SNG #2: Picked up QJs on the button in a family pot (10-handed). I flopped top two and stacked a couple guys. I also picked up a pocket pair turned set in the later stages of the SNG. I easily made the money.
  • SNG #3: Picked up a pocket pair (33) early on and played in a limped pot. I missed my set and folded. In the later stages, I pushed with only 6 BB in my stack (blinds at T100/T200). I got insta-called by the button. He held AA which soundly beat my 88. I failed to suck out and was out in 7th.
  • SNG #4: I failed to pick up a hand and the table was pretty aggressive. In the later stages of the SNG, I found myself UTG with A6s and only 3BB left in my stack. I jammed and got called by the big blind holding AT. He flopped trips and I was out in 7th.
  • SNG #5: Once again, I was card-dead until I picked up 88 in the CO. With the blinds at T100/T200, I open-pushed my 6BB stack and got insta-called by the Button's TT. Out in 6th.
In both SNGs that I won, I only needed to win a single hand to make the money. I honestly believe that it's possible to easily beat these sit-n-gos with a little luck and a lot of patience.

I finished off my night by single-tabling some $50 NLHE (6-max) at Full Tilt to help rinse away the awful taste of SNGs. I was a little tipsy by this time and just looking to tilt the other players at my table. I decided to play a LAG game though I certainly missed many good opportunities due to my mental state. My table image was so poor at my tables that I was able to get my opponents to stack off with some pretty marginal holdings. For example...

Full Tilt
No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $0.25/$0.50
6 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $48.90
UTG+1: $50.50
CO: $48.05
Button: $45.25
Hero (SB): $50
Villain (BB): $50

Pre-flop: (6 players) Hero is SB with Q♠ J♣
2 folds, CO calls, Button folds, Hero calls, Villain checks.

Flop: 2♣ J♠ 7♠ ($1.5, 3 players)
Hero checks, Villain bets $4, CO folds, Hero calls.

(If I check-raise the flop, I know I'll scare off my opponent. Instead, I plan on c/r the turn.)

Turn: J♦ ($9.5, 2 players)
Hero checks, Villain bets $5, Hero raises to $24.5, Villain calls.

(Villain won't put me on a Jack if I check-raise.)

River: K♠ ($58.5, 2 players)
Hero is all-in $21, Villain calls all-in $21.

(We're both pot-committed so this is an easy shove.)

Results: (in white below)
Final pot: $100.5
Hero showed Qs Jc
Villain mucks 7d 3d

All in all, I had a good weekend of poker. I'm happy with my game for now. Once I've finished off my PokerStars bonus, I think I'll be ready to tackle the $200 NLHE games. Of course, we'll have to see how much poker I'll want to play once my Xbox 360 returns home.

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